Artur K. Wardega, S.J. 萬德化

Macau Ricci Institute

From June 2007 till June 2015 the MRI Director.

From September 2006 till June 2007 the MRI Associate Director.

From July 2006 Associate Chief Editor of bilingual Chinese - English quarterly 神州交流 Chinese Cross Currents.

Since December 2004 he was appointed to the position of Adjunct Professor in the School of Arts, Letters and Sciences at the Inter-University Institute of Macao and 神州交流 Chinese Cross Currents Book Review Editor.

Starting from May 2002, he became member and research fellow of the Macau Ricci Institute.

Since 2000 he was a research fellow at the Taipei Ricci Institute and was involved into studies on Hakka literature in Taiwan while translating into French Zhong Lihe's novel “The Farm of the Mountain Li” (“ 笠山農場”). He was also involved into Learning Service Classes at the Colleges of Law and Management at Fu Jen University, Taiwan.

1996 – 1997 Doctorate classes in Sinology at the Department of Far Eastern Studies of University of Paris 7. The doctoral candidate degree (Diplôme d'Études Approfondies) of University of Paris VII, France.

1995 – 1999 Studies of Theology at the Jesuit Faculties of Philosophy and Theology at Centre Sèvres in Paris. The Master degree (licence canonique) in Theology.

1992 – 1995 Studies of Theology at Jesuit Faculty of Theology at Fu Jen University in Taiwan. The Baccalaureate degree in Theology.

1991 summer, the Chinese Youth Writers Workshop Diploma, Taipei, Taiwan.

1989 – 1992 Studies of Chinese language and literature at Fu Jen University and at Taipei Language Institute in Taipei, Taiwan.

1985 – 1988 Jesuit Faculty of Philosophy in Kraków, Poland and the Baccalaureate degree in philosophy with Japanese and English languages.

1978 – 1983 Department of Roman Philology at the Jagellon University of Kraków, Poland; specialization in French and Spanish literatures. Master degree in French literature.

1973 – 1978 French High School of Kraków, Poland; the Baccalaureate degree in French and classic literature formation, included French, Latin and Russian languages.

1965 – 1973 The State Music School of Kraków; piano and complete music formation.

● Research Interests / fields

20th Century French and Chinese Literatures, Taiwan Hakka Literature, the Society of Jesus in Chinese History, Fine Arts and Music.

● Job description / Present post

MRI Director and Director of the MRI Publications; Adjunct Professor in School of Arts, Letters and Sciences at the University of Saint Joseph; Member of Editorial Board of South China Journal of Humanities 南國人文學刊.

● Publications

Edited Doubt, Time and Violence in Philosophical and Cultural Thought: Sino-Western Interpretations and Analysis, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Newcastle upon Tyne, 2012.

Together with António V. de Saldanha he edited, In the Light and Shadow of an Emperor: Tomás Pereira, S.J., the Kangxi Emperor and the Jesuit Mission in China, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Newcastle upon Tyne, 2012.

Translated into Chinese “Święta s. M. Faustyna Kowalska, Dzienniczek –Miłosierdzie Boże w duszy mojej, 聖傅天娜修女,《日记》, 萬德化神父 (Artur K. Wardega) 校訂, 公教真理學會出版, Catholic Truth Society, Hong Kong, 2011.

Edited trilingual book jointly published by the MRI and Centre Sèvres of Paris, Playing Bach in France and in China: An Encounter of Musicians in Macau, Macau, 2011.

Translated into French “ 笠山農場 ” La Ferme de la Montagne Li (Artois Presses Université, Arras, 2010), a novel by  鍾理和 Zhong Lihe (1915-1960), a renown Hakka writer.

“利瑪竇:一位耶穌會士肖像” Portrait of a Jesuit: Matteo Ricci (Chinese and English versions), Macau Ricci Institute, Macau, 2010.

Belief, History and Individual in Modern Chinese Literary Culture, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Cambridge, UK, 2009.

A tri-language book entitled “安德烈 • 紀德《僞幣製造者》一書中的紋心結構, The technique of mise en abyme as employed in André Gide's The Counterfeiters” has been published in Beijing by Central Compilation & Translation Press, March 2007.

Articles in Missionsgeschichtliches Archiv - 18
(Studien der Berliner Gesellschaft für

"A paper entitled: From Macao up to Beijing (1582-3 till 1610), Matteo Ricci and Euro-Jesuit enterprise in China: Portrait of a Jesuit (pp. 11-22), published in Europe in China - China in Europe: Mission as a vehicle to intercultural dialogue. Lectures of the Symposium for the 400th Anniversary of Matteo Ricci (1552-1610), Zurich University June 14th-15th 2010, Edited by Paul Widmer, Franz Steiner Verlag, Stuttgart 2012.

Articles in Regent Review of Christian Thoughts

"Literary Creation and Culture Based on Religious Belief" "基于宗教信仰之上的文學創作與文化" Regent Review of Christian Thoughts, Vol. 10, 2009. 12, Shanghai, pp. 1-13.

Articles in Introduction of Western Learnings Studies

“Polish Jesuit Missionaries in China” “中國的波蘭耶穌會傳教士” Introduction of Western Learnings Studies, Vol. 3, 2010, Beijing, pp. 164-174.

Articles in Życie Duchowe
“Polscy jezuici w Chinach – z Arturem Wardęgą, S.J., dyrektorem Macau Ricci Institute, rozmawia Józef Augustyn, S.J.” (Polish Jesuits in China) – interview, Życie Duchowe, jesień 64/2010, pp. 126-134.

“Matteo Ricci i jego Traktat o Przyjazni”, (Matteo Ricci and his “Treaty on Friendship”) – in Życie Duchowe, lato 55/2008, pp. 117-120.

“Chińska Liturgia Życia – z Arturem Wardęgą, S.J., misjonarzem w Chinach rozmawia Józef Augustyn, S.J.” (Chinese Liturgy of Life) – interview, Życie Duchowe, wiosna 50/2007, pp. 127-135.

Articles in Posłaniec
“Kraj ekstremów – Z Arturem Wardęgą SJ, dyrektorem Macau Ricci Institute, który zajmuje się m. in. badaniem kultury chińskiej I dialogiem z Zachodem, rozmawia Leszek Gęsiak SJ.” (Country of extremes - interview for “Posłaniec”) Posłaniec, sierpień 2008, pp. 28-32.

“Kraj Literatury? Czy dzisiejsze Chiny sa krajem literatów i dobrej literatury?” Posłaniec, sierpień 2007, pp. 18-19.

Articles in 神學美學”
4th volume, 上海三联书店, 2011.03, Shanghai, pp. 221-230. "Is Paul founder of Christianity or the Church?" 保羅是基督教的還是教會的奠基人?

2nd volume, 上海三聯書店, 2008.02, Shanghai, pp. 76-82.
"Genius of Christianity or Genius of Chivalry? - Human Invention of Belief in 19th century Western Europe" 基督宗教精神還是騎士精神?— 十九世紀歐洲浪漫主義文學藝術發明的人文信仰".

Articles in Chinese Cross Currents 神州交流
“Mystagogy: A Suggested Approach to the Reading of Literary Texts, Based Upon the Inner Life”(秘傳心法:寫給文學文本的讀者), CCC 4.2.2007, pp. 72-93.

“Research into Modern Chinese Literature in the Twentieth Century”(二十世紀中國現代文學研究), CCC 1.2. 2004, pp.96-108.

Book reviews in Chinese Cross Currents 神州交流
Mark Leenhouts, “Leaving the World to Enter the World”《以出世的狀態而入世》, CCC 4.3. 2007, pp.172-175.

Kuangchi Program Service, Taipei, “Paul Xu Guangqi” 《徐光啓》DVD Review, CCC 4.1.2007, pp.149-153.

莫言 Mo Yan, “生死疲勞” “Tired of Life and Death”, CCC 3.3.2006, pp. 118-119.

Ralph Dekoninck, “Fou comme une image: Puissance et impuissance de nos idoles”( Mad like an image: Power and powerlessness of our idols《像肖像一樣瘋狂:我們偶像的力量與無助》), CCC 3.3.2006, p.122.

Jean Starobinski, “Les Enchanteresses” (Sorceresses《女魔法師》), CCC 3.3.2006, pp.121-122.

Nöel Dutrait, “L'Écriture Romanesque et Théâtrale de Gao Xingjian” (Gao Xingjian's novelistic and theatrical writings《高行健小說和戲劇作品》), CCC 3.3.2006, p.121.

賈平凹 Jia Pingwa, “秦腔” “Qinqiang, Shaanxi Opera”, CCC 3.3.2006, pp.118-120.

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余華 Yu Hua, “兄弟” “Brothers”, CCC 3.1. 2006, pp. 117-120.

韓少功 Han Shaogong, “大題小作” “Daiti Xiaozuo” (Small Essays on Great Themes), CCC 3.1. 2006, pp. 111-116.

李銳 Li Rui, “寂靜的高緯度” “Quietness of a High Degree of Latitude”, CCC 1.2. 2004, pp. 164-168.

韓少功 Han Shaogong, “馬橋詞典” “The Dictionary of Maqiao”, CCC 1.1. 2004, pp.170-177.

“Message”, The Master from the West: Commemorating the 400th Anniversary of the Passing of Matteo Ricci, Macau Museum of Art, Macau, 2010, pp. 14, 28, 42.

Academic activities: Public workshops, Seminars and Lectures

The IIUM Public Seminar Series: “Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: An Intimate Companion for Life” given at the Macau Inter-University Institute, April 18th 2006.

The IIUM Public Seminar Series: “Don Quixote de la Mancha or the Wisdom of Humanist Faith: Cervantes' Novel and Three Spanish Mystics”, given at the Macau Inter-University Institute, March 21st 2006.

The IIUM Public Seminar Series: “Romanticism in Literature & Music: Est-West Encounters” Parts I and II, given at the Macau Inter-University Institute, October 25th 2005.

Lecture on St Paul: Paul “The Founder of Christianity?“ “The Founder of the Church?“, given at the Macau Inter-University Institute, November 17th 2005.

Lecture on Sacred Art: “Heaven and Earth in some Renaissance Painters' Creativities” given at the Macau Inter-University Institute, October 25th 2005.

學術報告“歐洲現實主義與浪漫主義文學”(European Realism and Romantic Literature)中國陝西省漢中市漢中理工學院,中文系,二零零五年三月二十二日。

The MRI Six Sessions' Workshop on “The Awakening of Romanticism: 19th Century Western Art (Painting, Literature, and Music) and its Relevance to Macau, given at the MRI, October 2002 – April 2003.

Participation to Conferences and Academic gatherings

The 20th Biennial Conference of the European Association for Chinese Studies, organized by EACS at the Universidade do Minho, Braga, and Universidade de Coimbra, Portugal, on July 23-26, 2014. He presented a paper entitled: "The Jesuit contribution to Macau and Greater China today: its recent foundation and future development".

The 3rd World Conference on Sinology 汉学与当今世界 (Sinology and the World Today), organized by 中国人民大学 Renmin University of China and 国家汉办 Hanban on November 3-5, 2012 Beijing. He has presented a paper entitled: 徐日升神父(1645-1708)和耶稣会在康熙宫廷为传教事业的奋斗:中西关系利益的多样性和生存的共存关系 (Fr. Tomás Pereira, SJ (1645-1708) and the struggles of the Society of Jesus for its mission at the Kangxi court: diversity of interest and shared cross-yards of survival in Sino-Western relations.) a paper to be published in the Journal for the Study of Christian Culture, Renming University, Beijing.

Symposium “Europe in China – China in Europe: Science and Technology as a Vehicle of Intercultural Dialogue” organized by Bodensee-Institut für interkultuelle Bildung und Zusammenarbeit (BIIB), 14-15/June/2010 at the University of Zurich, Switzerland. He has presented paper entitled “From Macao up to Beijing (1582–3 till 1610)—Matteo Ricci and Euro-Jesuit enterprise in China: Portrait of a Jesuit”.

International conference “Misjonarze Między Wschodem i Zachodem: w 400 Rocznicę Śmierci Ojca Matteo Ricciego SI” (Missionary enterprise between East and West—on 400th anniversary of the death of Matteo Ricci SJ), Poznań University, Poznań in Poland, May 10-11, 2010. He has presented paper entitled “From Macao up to Beijing (1582–3 till 1610)—Matteo Ricci and Euro-Jesuit enterprise in China: Portrait of a Jesuit”.

International Conference on the History of the New Chinese Literature (漢語新文學史國際研討會), organized by the Department of Chinese Studies and Literature, University of Macau, between 19 and 20 April, 2010. He opened one of the sessions and was the discussant for several papers presented by well-known scholars, including Professors Marián Gálik (馬利安•高利克) and Wolfgang Kubin (顧彬).

“East West Learnings and Confucianism” Conference, Sun Yat-Sen University in Guangzhou, May 7-10, 2009. The paper of Fr. Wardega entitled “Chinese-Western Literary Relations and Humanistic Quest” (中西文學關係及人道主義探索)was delivered on May 8.

The International Symposium on: The Early European Missionaries coming to China and Sinological Studies(早期來華從事漢學研究的歐洲傳教士), in Beijing Language and Culture University, Institute for Sinological Studies, September 26 – 27, 2009. He has delivered paper titled "From Benedict of Poland, ofm., (Benedictus Polonus 波蘭修士本篤, 1200-1280) to Michael Boym, S.J., (蔔彌格, 1612-1659); the Early Polish Missionaries coming to China: Brief Historiography with special focus on Jan M. Smogulecki, S.J., (穆尼閣, 1610 – 1656)."(從波蘭修士本篤(1200-1280)到蔔彌格(1612-1659):早期來華的波蘭傳教士:聚焦于穆尼閣(1610-1656)的傳教簡史)

"International Conference on Literary Theory Paradigm and Transformation" (文學理論範式及其轉換國際研討會)co-organised by College of Liberal Arts, at Nanjing University and  Chinese Department at Harbin Normal University, in Harbin-Mohe, Heilongjiang Province, Northern China, held on July 22nd -28th, 2008. He has delivered paper on “Literary creation and culture based on religious belief: Northrop Frye and biblical matrices; Kenneth Burke and rhetoric of religion; Hermeneutic of the Literary masterpiece – case of Harold Bloom and George Steiner and the religiosity of language”(基于宗教信仰之上的文學創作與文化:. 諾斯羅普•弗萊與聖經始源;肯尼思•伯克與宗教修辭;. 文學經典的闡釋——哈羅德•布盧姆;喬治•斯泰納與語言的宗教性), pp.231-242.

International Conference “France and China – Cultural and Educational Perspectives” organized by School of Modern Languages and Cultures, Faculty of Arts, at the University of Hong Kong, June 16-17, 2008. He has delivered paper on “Orientalism: an European path towards cultural encounter with China in late 19th Century”.

Colloque International « Utopie: mémoire et imaginaire » organized by Université d’Artois, Arras, France, May 22-23, 2008. He has delivered paper on “Prose utopique ou un essai critique: une communauté  hakka dans le roman « La Ferme de la Montagne Li » de Zhong Lihe (1915-1960)”  (Utopian Fiction or Critical examination: The Hakka Society in Zhong Lihe’s Fiction “Farm of the Mont Li”).

The international symposium on “Introduction of Western Learning and Cultural Consciousness” (西學東漸與文化自覺), organized by the Archives for the Introduction of Western Knowledge, Department of Philosophy, Sun Yat-sen University, hosted by Changan Township, Dongguan City, from April 27th to 29th, 2008. He has delivered paper on “The earliest Polish and European Missions to China – Polish Jesuit Missionaries in China and Harbin – Polish City founded in the Northern China”(中國的波蘭耶穌會傳教士), pp. 1-11.

"International Academic Seminar to Commemorate Xu Guangqi and the 400th Anniversary of translation of Euclid’s Elements", organized by Fudan University in Xuhui, Shanghai, from November 8th to 9th, 2007. He has presented paper on “KPS Four-Part DVD: Paul Xu Guangqi – China’s Man for All Seasons”(《徐光啟》), pp. 63-66.

Macau Ricci Institute Forum: Launching of the Le procédé de la mise en abyme dans «Les Faux-Monnayeurs» d'André Gide, by Artur K. Wardega, presented by Professor Eugene Chen Eoyang, from Lingnan University, Hong Kong and Professor Liu Dong, from Beijing University, Beijing. MRI Forum, Macau, May 8th, 2007.

World Conference on Sinology 2007, 文明對話與和諧世界—“中國形象”在漢學研究中的變遷(Dialogue of Civilizations and a Harmonious World– Changes of the 'Chinese Image’ in the Study of Sinology), Beijing, Renmin University of China, China, March 26-28, 2007.

Conversations@CANA, Conference Paper entitled: “The Technique of mise en abyme as employed in André Gide's Les Faux-Monnayeurs (The Counterfeiters)” Singapore, March 16th 2007.

生態時代與文學藝術 – National Conference on Literature and Ecology, Hainan University, Haikou, Hainan Island, China, December 8-12, 2006.

“西方哲學引入與中國社會現代化”——中山大學“西方文化引進檔案館”成立之國際會議(”The Introduction of Western Philosophy and Modernization of Chinese Society" – International Conference for the Founding of the Archive for Introduction of Western Knowledge) at Sun Yat-Sen University, Guangzhou, China, December 1-2, 2006.

神學美學國際學術研討會(The International Symposium on Theology and Aesthetics), Xiangfan, Hubei, China, September 24-26, 2006. He has delivered paper on "Genius of Christianity or  Genius of Chivalry? - Human Invention of Belief in 19th century Western Europe", pp.34-38.

“經典著作翻譯與詮釋性解讀”國際專題討論會(The International Symposium on Translation and Hermeneutical Interpretation of Classical Works), Fudan University, Shanghai, June, 7-10 2006.

Jezuici w Chinach – dialog Zachodu ze Wschodem (Jesuits in China: West-East Dialogue), Collegium Europaeum Gnesnense, Gniezno, Poland, 28 May, 2004. He delivered paper on "Macao – historyczna brama do tronu smoka w dobie obecnej. Działalność Instytutu Ricciego w Macao" (Macao: Today’s Gate to the Throne of Dragon. The Activities of the Macao Ricci Institute).

在第三届全國大學院校宗教研究會發表論文: “文藝復興時期的名畫家眼中的「天」與「地」和他們的創作品” – 臺灣 南華大學, 二零零二年七月三日.The “Heaven and the Earth in the eye of some of the Renaissance famous painters and in their masterpieces”, presented on July 3, 2002, at the 3rd National workshop on Religions and Art, Buddhist Nan Hua University, Chiayi, Taiwan.