50 Great Masters of Chinese BUddhism
Edited by: Christian Cochini s.j.

"Who are those masters of life and wisdom who had written the great cultural and spiritual story of the introduction and diffusion of Buddhism in China? Here are fifty biographies of the main architects of that success and of that saga, selected in the entire two-thousand years of Buddhism in China since the Eastern Han dynasty(25-220) up to the modern time. One can meet illustrious masters with universal reputation, like Xuanzang, Bodhidharma, Huineng, Taixu, among others whom we already know. Some Foreign monks, at the risk of their lives, had made considerable efforts to let this religion originated from India be integrated into the Chinese cultural world, allowing the teaching of the Buddhatruly accessible to the Chinese and to their sensibility. All these exemplary lives make us take part in this amazing processus of transformation whose political, cultural and spiritual influence has been considerable, up to and including modern and contemporary China."

Christian Cochini s.j.
Christian Cochini s.j., theologian and sinologist, has been living in China for many years and is involved in interreligious dialogue with the Buddhist communities of China. He is the author of Guide to Buddhist Temples of China, first published in French by Les Indes Savantes in 2008, followed by an English edition by the MRI in 2009.