Cesar Guillen Nuñez 胡纪伦

Macau Ricci Institute

Cesar Guillen Nuñez is Research Fellow and Art Historian at the Macau Ricci Institute, as well as Book Review Editor of Chinese Cross Currents, the Institute's quartely.

He has an M.Phil. (University College London), an M.A. (Uni. of Penn.) and a B.A. Hons. (Courtauld Institute of Art), all in the History of Art, with a specialization in Colonial Baroque Spanish and Portuguese art and architecture.

His specialization has led him to focus on the Society of Jesus as pioneers in the artistic East-West exchange. Other main research areas and interests include the Baroque art and architecture of Latin America during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, as well as the art of the China Trade in Macao, Hong Kong and Guang·zhou.

He has also authored numerous books, articles and exhibition reviews for various publications.