Tomás Pereira Library

The Macau Ricci Institute library has been named after Fr. Tomás Pereira, S.J. (1645-1708). Father Pereira was a missionary in Beijing and a friend of Qing dynasty emperor Kang Xi (1662-1723).

The library occupies the greater part of the facilities, with four stacks rooms, a reading and reference room, plus two study rooms. The initial stock of books and periodicals for the library came from the Macau Jesuit residence, the Taipei Ricci Institute, and other local and foreign institutions.

The current holdings are 11,341 Chinese books or series, 8,296 Western books, and 355 periodicals (201 Chinese and 154 Western titles) are subscribed to. There is a full-time librarian on staff and these resources are cataloged onto the local area network.