The Macau Historical Research Center

At the Macau Ricci Institute, the Macau Historical Research Center (MHRC) is being developed to conduct study and research on Macau in its role as a historical mediator of cultural encounters and interchanges between East and West.

This intermediary role has resulted in a cosmopolitan city with diverse and multicultural communities, a rich heritage and unique identity. Until now there has been only a limited effort to centralize the collection of primary source material and to focus international scholarly cooperation on the subject of Macau's history as a crossroads between cultures.

Museum collections provide an important window into this history, but behind the collection of artifacts are the biographies, writings, and personal histories of the people involved. These "cultural mediators" include merchants, missionaries and administrators. They are doctors, teachers, soldiers, artists, and scientists. They are men and women, emigrants, refugees, and sons and daughters of Macau. In fact, what makes Macau so unique is this whole tapestry of people who met, lived together and often moved on from Macau to go out into the larger world.

The MHRC will collect these histories. The biographies, bibliographies, chronologies, glossaries, and other primary source materials like diaries will be compiled together and optimized using database technology so that they can be shared and used by scholars around the world. In addition to this work of centralizing sources, the MHRC will also serve as a clearinghouse for scholarly cooperation with other institutions, scholars, and research networks. To facilitate this scholarly exchange, an interactive technology platform will be set up to increase academic discussion, the sharing of information, and to stimulate new scholarship on Macau's cultural history.

  • Macau's Identity, History, Culture and Heritage
  • East-West Relations through Macau
  • Cultural Mediators
  • Research Resources on Macau

The estimated budget to start working at and developing the Macau Historical Research Center is estimated at around US$ 120,990 for the first year.