Macau Ricci Institute Studies 1

Macau on the Threshold of the Third Millennium

Keynote Address:

  1.  Macau still exists! But will it survive?
    Jean-Pierre Cabestan

I. Macau's Historical Meaning

  1. The Existence of Macau: A Chinese Perspective   Fok Kai Cheong

  1. The Portuguese Chromosome: Reflections on the Formation of Macau's Identity (16th -18th Centuries)
    Jorge Manuel Flores

  1. Ambergris and Opium in Macau's History
    Wu Zhiliang

  1. Macau: A Tale of Many Cities
    António Vasconcelos de Saldanha

II. Macau's Political and Legal Systems and International Relations

  1. Constitutional Conventions and Political Development in Macau
    Lo Shiuhing

  1. Accommodating Diversity: Macau Under China's Constitution
    Francisco Gonçalves Pereira

  1. Mass Political Culture and Political Development in Post-1999 Macau
    Herbert S. Yee

  1. Macau and Europe: The Challenges of the Paradiplomacy Game
    Miguel Santos Neves

  1. Macau's International Relations
    José Duarte de Jesus

III. Macau's Geography, Economy and Society

  1. Macau in the Pearl River Delta and Beyond
    Richard Louis Edmonds

  1. Macau Mixed Architecture and Urbanisation
    Carlos Marreiros

  1. Macau: A Multi-Community Society
    Jean Berlie

  1. Education and Change in Macau's Portuguese Community
    Rui Almeida Simões

  1. Towards an Educational Agenda for Macau at the Start of the New Millennium
    Keith Morrison

IV. Macau's Cultural and Religious Identities

  1. A Project of Identity: Macau in the World unity
    Luís Sá Cunha

  1. A Church in Search of New Ways
    Luís Sequeira

  1. Religious Syncretism: The Harmonization of Buddhism & Taoism in Macau's Lian Feng Miao
    Christina Cheng