Macau Ricci Institute Studies 2

Religion and Culture:
Past Approaches, Present Globalisation,
Future Challenges



Welcome Address

Keynote Presentation:
Boxer, Macau, and the Jesuits
Yves Camus

D. Domingos Lam

Dauril Alden Charles R.  
455 pp.
ISBN 99937-758-4-3 (hard cover)
Illustr. ; 24 cm.
I. The European Renaissance Mind in the Encounter with Asia
25 Decoding the European Renaissance Mind: The Jesuit Missionaries' View of Cultural Encounter in Asia Philippe Lécrivain
35 Reading Indian Pluralism: A Paradigm for Multi-cultural / Religious Development Délio de Mendonça
55 Discussion Glenn Timmermans
61 Maritime Southeast Asia in the World. Map of Ferdinand Verbiest and its Korean Version Roderich Ptak
89 The Korean World Map in St. Ottilien: A Note on Verbiest's Cartographical Work Soon Mi Hong-Schunka
113 Christianity's Dual Meaning in the Modernisation of China: In Commemoration of the 450th Anniversary of the Death of St. Francis Xavier You Xilin
129 Discussion César Guillén-Nuñez
II. Experiences
143 Missionaries and Globalisation of Culture: An Indian Experience Jose Kalapura
167 The Malaccan Portuguese Community and its Relevance to the Macanese in Contemporary Macau Barney Koo
199 A Multi-cultural Case of Macau: The Thesis of "Maximisation of Difference" in a Globalised World Chan Chi-hou
213 World Religions and Asian Culture: The Singapore Experience Jean Charbonnier
227 Discussion Choong Cheepang
231 The Building of the Cathedral of Canton: Political, Cultural and Religious Clashes Jean-Paul Wiest
253 Discussion Dominique Tyl
III. Religious traditions in Modern China (1)
259 Islam's Adaptation in China: Present Realities Elisabeth Allès
265 Chinese Buddhism Revival and Inter-religious Dialogue Christian Cochini
279 What to Preach? Christian Witness in China, with Reference to the Party's Policy of Mutual Accommodation Kung Lap Yan
303 Discussion Thomas Michel
313 The Body at the Junction of Religion and Scientism: Modernisation of Meditative Traditions in Contemporary China David Palmer
335 Daoist Traditions in Modern China: Observations and Reflections Pierre-Henry de Bruyn
349 Discussion Michael Saso
IV. Religious traditions in Modern China (2)
361 Chinese Religious Women in the Modernisation Era: Problems and Contributions Beatrice Leung Kit Fun
391 Rooting the Christian Church in Chinese Soil: Christian Universities Settle Down in China Zhang Kaiyuan
405 Discussion Yu Sanle
409 From Tradition to Modernity: Chinese Intellectuals and Western Missions Liu Ping
427 Raising Civic Morality Among Chinese Citizens in the New Century. The Role of Christian Values Wang Xiaochao
439 Discussion Gianni Criveller
445 Index
455 Acknowledgments