Macau Ricci Institute Studies 3

510 pp.
ISBN 99937-758-5-1 (hard cover)
Illustr. ; 24 cm
Culture, Art, Religion:
Wu Li (1632-1718) and His Inner Journey



Welcome Address

Keynote Presentation:
Afterthoughts from the Contrasting Biographies of Pu Songling and
Wu Li
Yves Camus

Luís Sequeira

André Lévy  
I. The Cultural Background
33 The "Macao Formula" in Crisis over
the Quest for Spiritual Faith
Fok Kai Cheong
69 Jesuit Buildings in Asia: Reflections on
the Practice of Architectural Accommodation
David M. Kowal
93 Science and Art: the College and Church of
Madre de Deus at the Time of Wu Li
César Guillén-Nuñez
113 "Dar a otro modo y orden"
Wu Li's Education in Christian Visuality
Elisabetta Corsi
129 Catholics in Regions South of
the Yangzi River (1669-1702)
Han Qi
II. East Meets West
147 Artistic Exchanges Between the East
and the West during Wu Li's Time
Mo Xiaoye
173 Michael Shen Fuzong's Journey to the West:
A Chinese Christian Painted at the Court of James II
Glenn Timmermans
203 A Tale of Two Jesuit Artists:
Wu Li and Giuseppe Castiglione in Qing Dynasty China
Gauvin A. Bailey
217 Missionaries' Influence
on Wu Li's Conversion to Christianity
Luo Jie
III. The Paintings
241 The Inner Journey and Paintings of Wu Li Li Puwen
255 The Influence of Wu Li in the History of
Modern Chinese Painting
Huang Tiechi
261 A Unique Thinking and a Broad Mind:
On the Art of Wu Li's Landscape Paintings
Li Jinyuan
271 From an Artist to a Priest:
Analysis of the Spiritual Path of Wu Li
Wen Liding
IV. The Poems
297 Wu Li and Macao Tereza Sena
327 Crossing the Border, Breaking with the Past:
Wu Li's Iconoclasm
Wolfgang Kubin
335 A Trial Analysis on the Thread of
Wu Li's Religious and Artistic Thoughts
Lu Wei & Yuan Guan
359 The Important Value of
Wu Yushan's Personal Experience
Zhang Wenqin
V. The Inner Journey
389 Wu Yushan's Path to Faith Gu Weimin
415 Chinese Interpretive Trilogy of Nadal's
"Illustrations of Gospel Stories"
He Qi
429 Wu Li: In Search of the "Western Lantern" Christina Miu Bing Cheng
459 Seeking the Truth from the West:
A Generation of Giants in Late Ming China
Yu Sanle
485 On Wu Li's Hometown and Other Miscellanies Wu Zhengming & Cao Jiajun
495 Index  
511 Acknowledgments