Macau Ricci Institute Studies 4

Culture, Law and Order
Chinese and Western Traditions



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Keynote Presentation:
Ritual and Law in Chinese and Western Traditions
Yves Camus

Luís Sequeira

Léon Vandermeersch  
488 pp.
ISBN 978-99937-758-8-1 (hard cover)
Illustr. ; 24 cm.
I. Introductory Reflections
25 The Nuptials Between Justice and Law in the Philosophy
of John Rawls:
Its Impact in Contemporary Political Philosophy
Arnaldo M. A. Gonçalves
43 Republic and Autocracy:
A Genetic Differentiating of the Cultural Crypto-genes between Ancient Rome and China
Michael C. Mi
77 A Comparison of Chinese and Western Law Culture:
The Evolution of Chinese Administrative Law
Xu Jinglin
91 The Rule of Law and the Role of Law in the Chinese Context Ignazio Castellucci
II. Chinese Culture and the Rule of Law
109 The Interplay of the Chinese Communist Party
with the Chinese Law:
Crippling Efforts Towards the Rule of Law
Zou Keyuan
127 The Minority Question Reconsidered:
Law and Development in Cross-Cultural Comparison of America and China
Matthew S. Erie
157 Chinese Culture and the Rule of Law in China Zhang Haiting
173 Inveterate China: Law and Symbolism Jonas Grimheden
III. Cultures Interplay in the Rule of Law
201 Sir George Thomas Staunton and the Translation
of the Qing Legal Code
Glenn Timmermans
221 Civil Codification, Foreign Influence and “Local Conditions” in China: Towards China’s Own Civil Code? Chen Jianfu
251 Images of Law in Chinese Crime Fiction Isabel M. S. C. Morais
277 “Slavery as Practised by the Chinese”:
Observations of Western Missionaries, 1849-1926
Johanna Sirera Ransmeier
IV. Changes in China of the Rule of Law
295 Shifts in the Culture of a Constitution:
Closing the Gap and Re-drawing the Map
Anne Carver
311 The Rule of Law in China Wang Jiangyu
351 Modern Courts and Judges in Fengtian Province (1907-1928) Zhang Qin
371 Chinese Law Past and Present Potential of a Legacy? Karin Buhmann
V. The Rule of Law in Today’s China
405 Religion in Post Mao China Legalism and Religious Management Beatrice Leung
427 China’s Constitutionalism and Its Recent Developments in China and Taiwan Jean-Pierre Cabestan
455 WTO Implementation and the Rule of Law:
Government Procurement in China
Bill K. P. Chou
477 Index  
487 Acknowledgments