Macau Ricci Institute Studies 5

History and Memory
Present Reflections on the Past to Build Our Future



Welcome Address

Keynote Presentation:
Historical Consciousness and Cultural Identity
Eric Sautedé

Luís Sequeira

Tu Weiming  
552 pp.
ISBN 978-99937-947-0-7 (hard cover)
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I. Epistemological Issues: The Liaisons Between History and Memory
35 Memory and the Writing of History Consuelo Varela
43 Ancestral Memory, Homestead Symbols and Clan History: Analysis of the Shanxi Hongdong Big Locust Tree Legend Zhao Shiyu
75 History, Memory, and Narrative Ethics Vivian-Lee Nyitray

II. Questions of Method: On the Sources of History and Towards an Interdisciplinary Approach
91 A Global Inquisition and the Aborigines Juan Gil
107 Documents, Interviews, and Facts: The Case Study of the Yihetuan Movement in the Connection Between History and Memory Chen Fangchung
145 Science, Culture, Politics: Qing Intellectual History in Republican China Shana J. Brown
163 History and the Transmission of Shared Loss: The Great Leap Famine in China and the Luku Incident in Taiwan Stephan Feuchtwang
191 Old Photos and Historic Memory Ding Dong
203 Forbidden Memory, Unwritten History: The Difficulty in Structuring an Opposition Movement in the PRC Jean-Philippe Béja

III. Selecting and Constructing Memories
227 Commemorating History in Colonial and Post-Colonial Hong Kong John M. Carroll
251 The Objectivity of Historical Memory: On Reality in the Panorama of the History of Ideas Jin Guantao & Liu Qingfeng
271 Interaction Between Historical Archives and TV:
Taking "Retrospection: Stories in the Archives" as an Example
Xing Jianrong
283 Interpreting Memory as Acting on Memory:
Ethnic Identity in Macao During the Transition Period (1987-1999)
João de Pina-Cabral
297 Seeking Footprints of Early Chinese Labourers:
Based on Sister M. Alfreda Elsensohns' Idaho Chinese Lore
Zhang Kaiyuan
313 National History Textbooks in Late Qing China: Stories, Memories and Identities Peter Zarrow

IV. Preserving Memory and Teaching History
339 Remembering the Past, Shaping the Future: Stories Focussed on Personal Objects Haviva Peled-Carmeli
349 Valuing the Past in the Museum of Macau Cathryn Clayton
373 Historical Understanding and Historical Reality: Unconformity, Interference and Mistakes in the Historical View of Evolutionism in Research on the History of Chinese Art in the Twentieth Century Lin Mu
393 The Establishment of the “China Historical Geographic Information System” and Its Use in Historical Research Ge Jianxiong
409 Information Technology and the Job of the Historian: An Outline of Ongoing Issues Guido Abbattista
425 The Future of Free Information Lawrence M. Sanger

V. The "Duty of Memory": For Whom and to What End
447 The Chinese Cultural Revolution: Concealed History and To-be-discovered Memory Xu Youyu
461 How a “Lost Generation” Recovers its Memory:
The Political Significance of the Debate about the Memory of the Cultural Revolution and of the Educated Youth Movement
Michel Bonnin
471 Can We Influence Memory? Marie-Claire Lavabre
477 The Duty of Memory: The Nanjing Massacre, Memory and Forgetting in China and Japan Rana Mitter
495 The French Resistance: Between Memory and History Olivier Wieviorka
513 Representing and Remembering the Soweto Uprising:
Constructing the Narrative of South Africa's Liberation Struggle
Gary Baines
533 S 21: The "Present Past" of Dehumanisation Sylvie Rollet
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551 Acknowledgments