Macau Ricci Institute Studies 6

Education for New Times:
Revisiting Pedagogical Models in
the Jesuit Tradition


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Artur K. Wardega, sj

Artur K. Wardega, sj
311 pp.
ISBN 978-99937-947-8-3 (hard cover)
Illustr. ; 24 cm.

I. Jesuit Worldview and Education
25 The Ratio Studiorum of the Jesuits:
Pedagogy and Spirituality of the Jesuit Plan
of Studies in the Shaping of ‘Modernity’ in the
Early Modern Period
Stephan Ch. Kessler, sj
39 Understanding the World:
Knowledge and Disciplines in the Elaboration
of the Ratio Studiorum (1540-1599)
Antonella Romano

II. Jesuit Educational Accommodation in Asia
71 World Cartography in the Jesuit Mission in China: Cosmography, Theology, Pedagogy Angelo Cattaneo
87 Jesuit Renaissance Humanism as the Principle
of Cross-Cultural Encounters in China
Robert A. Maryks
99 ‘From Pagan Dross Shall Purify Her Ore’:
Education and the Beginnings of the Jesuit Mission
in Japan
Romulo da Silva Ehalt
109 Jesuit Pioneers in 17th Century Vietnam
and Educational Interaction
Roland Jacques
127 Jesuit Contribution to Vietnamese Education:
Past and Present
Anh Q. Tran, sj

III. Christian Education in China and Hong Kong
155 The Jesuit Educational Tradition and the
Promotion of Scientific Knowledge in
Early 20th Century China:
Li Wenyu and Xixue guanjian
Limin Bai
181 Ziccawei and T’ou-sè-wè:
Fountainhead of the Modern Shanghai Culture
Li Tiangang
205 The Inspiration of Jesuit Educational
Thought in Modern China
He Jianming
229 Jesuit Education in Hong Kong
– Growth and Development
Alfred J. Deignan, sj
235 Education in Macao: Search for
Excellence among the Less Privileged and
– A Case of Two Schools
Luís Manuel F. Sequeira, sj and
Choi Chi U

IV. New Trends
249 New Times for Education:
Issues of Development and Fairness
Ruben de Freitas Cabral
263 Cristo Rey Schools: Jesuit Secondary
Education that Works for the Urban Centre
Gary Menard, sj
269 Learning to Serve – Serving to Learn:
The Characteristics of Jesuit Education and
Ignatian Pedagogy
Martin Scroope
289 New Trends in Online Theological Education:
Successes and Challenges for the Future
Bradley H. McLean
301 Index