Macau Ricci Institute Studies 7

Acta Pekinensia
Western Historical Sources for the Kangxi Reign



Welcome Address

Keynote Presentation:
The Historical Significance of the ‘Acta Pekinensia’
Artur K. Wardega, sj

Artur K. Wardega, sj

Paul Rule  
480 pp.
ISBN 978-99937-947-6-9 (hard cover)
Illustr. ; 24 cm.

I. The Acta Pekinensia Project
51 The ‘Acta Pekinensia’ Project of
the Macau Ricci Institute
Luís M.F. Sequeira, sj
55 Kilian Stumpf and his ‘Acta Pekinensia’:
Life, Context and Purpose of a Manuscript
Claudia von Collani
89 The ‘Acta’’s Four Portraits Gerard J. Hughes, sj

II. Acta Pekinensia and the Context of the Rites Question
141 The Chinese Rites Controversy
An Overview and Critique
Paul Rule
161 Aspects of the Theological Debate in the Years Immediately Prior to the First Decree of Clement XI (1704) Ilaria Morali
201 The Personification of the Worst Stereotypes of the West – Charles Thomas Maillard de Tournon and His Legacy to Kangxi Emperor According to the Acta Pekinensia Monika Miazek-Męczyńska
217 From Maillard de Tournon to Mezzabarba Giacomo Di Fiore

III. Acta Pekinensia in the Context of China-Europe Relations
241 Kilian Stumpf, SJ at Kangxi’s Court, 1695–1720
A New Perspective on His Tenure as a Missionary-Artisan
Emily Byrne Curtis
257 The Kangxi Emperor’s Lessons in Western Sciences as Recounted by the Jesuit Fathers J. Bouvet and J.-F. Gerbillon Isabelle Landry-Deron
273 The Zheng Regime versus the Manchu Empire
The Significance of Vittorio Ricci’s ‘(Hechos de) La Orden de Predicadores en el Imperio de China’ (1676)
Patrizia Carioti
341 Claudio Filippo Grimaldi, SJ, Imperial Envoy to Europe, and His Secret Mission Vitor Luís Gaspar Rodrigues
371 Notes on the Qing-Zunghar War (1690–97)
The Jesuit Sources
Davor Antonucci
389 Matteo Ripa’s Journal, Part III (1716–20) with New Documents for the History of the Kangxi Era Michele Fatica
425 The Mission to Congratulate the Kangxi Emperor on His Seventieth Birthday Father João Mourão and His Plan to Bring an Ambassador of the King of Portugal to Beijing Jin Guoping
435 Recent Chinese Translations (2000–10) of Early Texts and Modern Studies Related to Missionaries in China in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries Thierry
Meynard, sj
461 Index