Macau Ricci Newsletter 25

No. 25 - July 2015

General Assembly

The General Assembly of the Macau Ricci Institute was held on June 22, 2015 with the presence of John Lee Hua, Beda Liu Chia-cheng, Luís Sequeira, Yves Camus, Stephen Tong Chak Long, Alfred Deignan, Artur Wardega, Thierry Meynard, Christian Cochini, Antoni Üçerler, César Guillén-Nuñez, Jerónimo Hung, and Tereza Sena.

The meeting of the General Assembly had the following Agenda:
1. Report of the then incumbent Director of the MRI on achievements and activities from June 2007 to June 2015
2. Report by John Lee Hua, Provincial of the Jesuits’ Chinese Province, on the transformation of the MRI
3. Election of new Ordinary Members of the MRI
4. Proposed Action Plan by Stephan Rothlin, Director of MRI
5. Motion to change present by-laws and appointment of legal committee to work on new one

The General Assembly nominated Stephan Rothlin, SJ as Director of the Macau Ricci Institute with immediate effect. Stephan Rothlin and Thierry Meynard, SJ were elected to be coordinators of the Legal Committee, Dr César Guillén-Nuñez was Secretary of the General Assembly, while Paul Rule, Liu Jingjing, Francisco Pinheiro and Lana Ho were accepted as Ordinary Members.

Seminar on Introduction of the Western Music in China and the Philippines and Concert

The seminar entitled, “Introduction of the Western Music in China and the Philippines” was held at the Macau Ricci Institute, 3pm on April 25.

The seminar brought together an international panel of musicologists and art historians to present and explore Western Music Culture in the Philippines, China and Macao which has contributed to the reshaping of local and indigenous cultures. The question of the social functions of music, and its importance for the re-constructed identity, were examined through observations of cultural communication and its significance for the region. During the seminar, Prof. Maria Alexandra Iñigo-Chua (Associate Professor at the University of Saint Thomas Conservatory of Music), Prof Ching-chih Liu (Hon. Research Fellow of the Hong Kong Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Hong Kong, Hon. Professor of the MA Programme in Translation at the Hong Kong Baptist University, Visiting Fellow of the Research Institute of Music of the Academy of Arts China and the Central Conservatory of Music, Beijing, and Visiting Professor of the Shanghai Conservatory of Music), and Maestro Aurelio Porfiri (Director of Choral Activities at the Santa Rosa de Lima English Secondary School in Macau) presented their papers on their research, while Dr César Guillén-Nuñez (MRI Research Fellow) as a historical coda concluding the seminar, presented an overview on the introduction of Western music to China and Macao.

The seminar was chaired by Mr. Albert Wong, Academic Assistant of the Institute. The event was followed by a small cocktail party.

At the evening of April 26 the world premium of Missa in Honorem Matthaei Ricci composed by Maestro Aurelio Porfiri was performed at the St Joseph Seminary Church by the Santa Rosa de Lima English Secondary Choir, the Our Lady of Fatima Girls' School Secondary Choir and the Sanctus Thomas Choir. Seven motets and Three Jesuit Prayers, were also performed by the Santa Rosa de Lima English Primary Choir, the Our Lady of Fatima Girls' School Primary Choir and the Saint Pius X Music Academy Choir. At the end of the concert three solo motets (Soprano Dian Paramita, soprano Lily Lia and tenor Mario Xia) composed by Aurelio Porfiri based on selected Jesuit texts has been also presented for the first time to the audience. All were conducted by Maestro Aurelio Porfiri himself together with organist Anne Lam.

The Seminar appeared on O Clarim on April 24, in Portuguese and English, while the concert appeared in Hong Kong’s Catholic weekly Sunday Examiner as well as international media outlets such as Radio Vaticano, the Fides agency, the Zenit agency and AsiaNews.

Forums and Seminars

1. On January 10, the MRI, together with the Central Library of Macau, held a seminar at the Sir Robert Ho Tung Library. Dr Liu Jingjing presented the topic “A Fantastic Country: Understanding of Chinese History of Michal Boym and Early Sinologists”, as a part of the exhibition “Between Science and Art: The Marvels of Asia in the Eyes of Polish Jesuit Michal Piotr Boym, SJ,” held between November 8, 2014 and January 15, 2015. The seminar was chaired by Fr. Artur Wardega, SJ., and around 20 attendees were present. It was covered on Macao Daily News the next day.

2. On June 3, the MRI held a Forum on the theme “The Society, Economy and Politics of Macao's Casino Capitalism: Crisis or Opportunity?” Prof Sonny Shiu-Hing Lo, Professor and Head in the Department of Social Sciences at the Hong Kong Institute of Education and a veteran in Macau Studies, was invited as guest speaker. His presentation attracted twenty attendants. The Forum was chaired by Mr Albert Wong, and was covered on TDM English Evening News and Ponto Final the next day.

Researchers’ Activities

1. On January 12, Fr Wardega led seventeen students from Estrela do Mar to the exhibition “Between Science and Art: The Marvels of Asia in the Eyes of Polish Jesuit Michal Piotr Boym, SJ,” held at the Sir Ho Tung Library. Ms Veronica Wong of the Central Library gave them guidance, and they found the exhibition inspiring.

2. On January 13, Fr Wardega, Cecilia Lei and Albert went to Hong Kong to attend a gathering of about 100 Jesuit collaborators of Hong Kong and Macau at the Wah Yan College Kowloon, welcoming the visit of Fr Adolfo Nicolás, Superior General of the Society to Hong Kong. Fr Wardega presented Fr General tablecloths and an information folder made for the Boym Exhibition. The gathering lasted an hour and a half. The next day Fr General continued his trip to Taiwan.

3. On January 12-13, Dr Liu Jingjing attended the international conference on Cognition, Religion and Science at the University of Macau. There she met scholars like Prof William Franke, Chair of Philosophy and Religious Studies Program, University of Macau, Hing Wan Cheng Assistant Professor, Philosophy and Religious Studies Program, University of Macau, William Waldron, Professor of Religion, Chair of Department of Religion, Middlebury College, USA and Donald Wiebe, Professor of Religion, Director of the Toronto Institute for the Advanced Study of Religion, University of Toronto, Canada.

4. In the minutes of the research fellow meeting dated January 23, Fr Wardega received a letter of thanksgiving from Dr Carlos Marreiros, president of the Albergue SCM, to whom he sent a calendar designed by Mr Edward Kajdanski, a Polish sinologist and academic specializing in the studies of the Polish Jesuit Michal Boym.

5. In a minutes entry on the same date Ms Maria Pedroso, researcher from Portugal, sent to the MRI Library her book on Chinese fans entitled: Brisas de Leques; Ventos do Oriente, as a way to give thanking for finding good materials on our website.

6. On February 4 Dr César Guillén-Nuñez attended the opening of “Beyond the Surface”, a featured art exhibition dedicated to Mio Pang Fei at the Albergue SCM. The event was presided by Ms Lam Wan Nei, representative of the Secretariat for Social and Cultural Affairs, Dr Ung Vai Meng, President of the Cultural Affairs Bureau of the Macao S.A.R. Government, Dr Carlos Marreiros, president of the Albergue SCM, and Maestro Mio himself, among others.

7. In the minutes of the research fellow meeting dated March 27, Fr Wardega has received a letter of appreciation from the Jesuit Academy at Krakow, for participation and co-organization of the International Conference entitled "The Contribution of the Labour to attain maturity of the human and religious person" on April 9-10 in Krakow, Poland. Prof Keith Morrison from the Macau University of Science and Technology courteously represented the MRI with his essay: ‘The Colonization of Lifeworlds of Education by Work: Restoration and Recoupling of Lifeworld and System in the Inner Self’. MRI is an honorary partner of the conference, organized by the Jesuit Academy - Ignatianum – Krakow.

8. On April 2, Mr Albert Wong went to Hong Kong to attend a seminar at the Baptist University of Hong Kong, entitled: The Society and Politics of Casino Capitalism in China's Macao. The seminar was given by Prof Sonny Lo, Professor and Head of Department of Social Sciences of the Hong Kong Institute of Education. There Mr Wong also met Prof Jean-Pierre Cabestan, Head of Department of Government and International Studies of the HKBU, Mr Yeung Tat, Centre Executive of the The European Documentation Centre of the HKBU, Mr Charles Létang, Senior Officer, Economic Affairs at the Consulate General of Canada in Hong Kong Ms Florence de Changy, Correspondent for Le Monde, Dr Lau Kwun Sun, lecturer of the Department of History, HKBU and Mr Simon K Li, Head of General Education of Yew Chung Community College.

9. On April 14, there was the launching of a book at the Rui Cunha Foundation on Bishop Costa Nunes by Maria Guimar Lima, which Dr Cesar Guillén-Nuñez attended. The event was presided by the Portuguese Consul-General and the author was presented by Prof Fr Peter Stilwell, Rector of the USJ.

10. In the minutes of the research fellow meeting dated May 8, Fr Wardega has received a mail from Academia Sinica, asking him to nominate a candidate for the “Sinology” category of Tang Prize.

11. On May 8 Fr Wardega was invited by the Macau Foundation to the launching of the Chinese translation of Anders Ljungstedt and his letters from China at the Multifunctional Room at the Macau Foundation. The Consul-general of Sweden and the representative of the IIM were also present.

12. In the minutes of the research fellow meeting dated June 12, Fr Wardega met Dr Jorge Rangel, Director of the International Institute of Macau, and was given a copy of recently published book Macau: Festivals and Festivities.

13. On June 9-10 Dr Liu Jingjing attended the First International Symposium on Comparative Sinology, organized by the School of Foreign Studies and the International Center for Comparative Sinology of China University of Mining and Technology in Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province. The theme of the Symposium was “China and World: New Perspectives on Sinology”. At the symposium she presented a paper entitled “Should Christianity Supplement Confucianism and Replace Buddhism? A Case study of Zhang Xingyao”.

14. Dr Liu Jingjing attended the Fourth International Conference of Macaology at the University of Macau, held on June 23 and 24. The event was co-organized by UM’s Centre for Macao Studies, Social Sciences Academic Press, and the Macao Foundation. The opening speech was given by Prof Rui Martins, Vice Rector of UM. Among the speakers were honorable guests including Dr Wu Zhiliang, President of the Board of Directors of Macao Foundation, Mr Gao Xiang, Secretary-General of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, General Editor-in-Chief and Research Fellow of Social Sciences in China Press, and Prof Zhang Shuguang, Senior Vice President of Macau University of Science and Technology, while keynote speeches were given by Prof Tang Kaijian, Professor of Department of History of Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Macau, Prof Paul Rule, Professor of La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia, Mr Zhang Kai, Research Fellow of Institute of History of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and Prof Carlos Manuel Piteira, Professor of Universidade de Lisboa, Researcher and Coordinator of Instituto do Oriente.


1. On January 22, a delegation of thirty-five lay Catholics from the Parish of Our Lady of China, Tai Kok Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong, paid a visit to our Institute. The delegation was led by Fr Martin Ip, Pastor of the Parish.

The visit was a part of a three-day retreat following the legacies of Matteo Ricci in Macao. During the retreat they also visited the ruins of the College of St Paul, Colégio Matteus Ricci, the House of Holy Mercy and the Seminary of St Joseph.

They were hosted by Mr Albert Wong, with a lecture given by Dr César Guillén-Nuñez and Dr Liu Jingjing, on the Journey of Matteo Ricci to Beijing. The interested audience had a heated dialogue with the research fellows. The delegation offered a poster of the activity, and Mr Albert Wong offered them the English version of the Matteo Ricci and Alessandro Valignano booklets.

2. On March 16 A delegation of Vice-Rector Joaquim Ramos de Carvalho together with Prof. Lurdes Craveiro from the Dep. of History, Archeology and Arts of the faculty of Arts and Humanities of the University of Coimbra visited the Institute. Delegation was received by MRI director and Mrs Josiana Lee, administrator of the MRI. The discussion was pointed upon planned join activities between two institutions.

3. On March 25, Prof Guillermo Wilde and Akira Sato, from the National Institute for the Humanities in Japan, who plan to establish a comparative research on Jesuit missions in Asia and in Latin America paid a visit to the MRI. Dr César Guillén-Nuñez and Dr Liu Jingjing received them; each visitor was given a copy of Matteo Ricci and Alessandro Valignano.

Prof Sato returned to MRI the next day, doing research and had a dialogue with Dr César Guillén-Nuñez again.

4. On April 15 Fr Joseph Zhao from China, who is studying in the Philippines, paid a visit to the Library. He stayed there for the afternoon. On July 28, 2014, he sent an email requesting for some materials for his research on Matteo Ricci’s missionary method in modern China. The Institute sent him a copy of Portrait of a Jesuit: Matteo Ricci (Jesuítas Publication Series 1) and Portrait of a Jesuit: Alessandro Valignano (Jesuítas Publication Series 2).

5. Prof Zbigniew Wesołowski SVD, editor-in-chief of Monumenta Serica, from Sankt Augustin, Germany, before attending a conference on the future of China’s social sciences journals, at the Macau Polytechnic Institute on April 20 and 21, had paid a courtesy visit to the MRI on April 20. He was invited to have a business lunch with the MRI director.

6. On May 22, Mr Miguel Rodrigues Lourenço, Research Assistant at the Centro de História d’Aquém e d’Além-Mar of the New University of Lisbon, together with Mr Komelius Supranoto Bardata, a USJ student, paid a visit to the MRI to conduct research. They were interested in Asian Mission, especially in China.

On the same day, Me Leung Kam Ian, script-writer of Special Projects Department from the TDM, paid a visit to the MRI. He was interested in old images of Macau.

7. On June 1, a delegation of MBA students led by Prof Andrew Gustafson and Prof John R Wingender Jr from the Creighton University at Omaha, Nebraska, USA, paid a visit to the MRI. They were on a study trip in the Pearl River Delta region. Fr Artur Wardega gave the delegation a powerpoint presentation on the development of the MRI, while Mr Albert Wong gave them a presentation on Macau’s history and economy. The delegation was impressed by achievement of the Institute, as well as the city the Institute calls home. Two copies of the Valignano booklet were offered to the delegation as a gift.

8. On the same day, a delegation of 15 mathematicians, led by Prof Sun Xuhua from UM and Prof Maria G. Bartolini Bussi from the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, paid a visit to the MRI. Fr Artur Wardega gave the delegation a powerpoint presentation on the development of the MRI, while Prof Siu Man Keung from the HKU gave a lecture on Matteo Ricci and mathematics. The delegation was joining ICMI STUDY 23 Macau Conference, from June 3 to 7. Another lot of 30 came on June 5.

9. In the minutes of the research fellow meeting dated June 19, Mr Alberto Guerra, who has obtained a degree at the Columbia University and is teaching History of Japan, paid a visit to Dr César Guillén-Nuñez. Mr Guerra was interested in the relationship of St Francis Xavier and Japan and Goa, as well as in the relics of the Jesuit saint.

10. On June 24 Dr Michelle Li, a post-doctorate fellow from the University of Hong Kong, came to our Institute and asked about information of Michal Boym’s maps. Fr Wardega granted her a folder from the Boym exhibition held last year together with the information on his maps.

Media Coverage

1. The exhibition “Between Science and Art: The Marvels of Asia in the Eyes of Polish Jesuit Michal Piotr Boym, SJ,” held between November 8, 2014 and January 15, 2015 at the Sir Robert Ho Tung Library, appeared on the latest Jesuit Chinese Province News (December 2014, Vol. 57, 11).

2. The Bridge, an 8-episode documentary on early Sinology, was premiered at 8pm, May 17, at CCTV-9, the English Channel on documentaries of the Chinese official television station. The coverage on the MRI was mainly on Episode 1.

3. On June 17, Mr Mark O’Neil, correspondent of the official Macau magazine, came to the MRI with photographers to conduct an interview with Dr Guillén-Nuñez on the topics related to the MRI April Seminar on Music in Asia. Later Dr Guillén-Nuñez sent to Mr O’Neil illustrations of a Peruvian organ, which is said to resemble the one that Fr Pereira, SJ., built in Beijing.

New Publications

Humankind and Nature: An Endangered System of Interdependence in Today’s Globalising World has been published by the Cambridge Scholars Publishing. This volume, containing twelve selected papers presented at the MRI Workshop held in November 2012, and was edited by Mr Albert Wong, academic assistant of the MRI, and Fr Artur K. Wardega, SJ.

500 copies of the Missa dedicated to Matteo Ricci (music by Aurelio Porfiri) and 400 copies of Three Jesuit Prayers (text by St Ignatius of Loyola and St Francis Xavier, music by Aurelio Porfiri) dedicated to the world premium of Missa in Honorem Matthaei Ricci at the St Joseph Seminary Church on April 26, were produced by the MRI.

The Chinese version of Portrait of a Jesuit: Alessandro Valignano, second of the Jesuítas series also was published.