Past forums

MRI Forum 82
The Society, Economy and Politics of Macao's Casino Capitalism: Crisis or Opportunity?
by Sonny Shiu-Hing Lo
Wednesday, 3rd June 2015

MRI Forum 81
A Borderless Village: Binding / Bounding Spiritual Ties among Phlong Migrants in Greater Bangkok
by Ms Indrė Balčaitė
11 December 2014

MRI Forum 80
by 刘晶晶 助理研究员
16 September 2014

MRI Forum 79
"New Great Power Relations of a Rising China"
by Andrew K.P. Leung
25 June 2014

MRI Forum 78
"I Add Nothing & I Take Away Nothing" - an UNESCO Asia-Pacific Office award-winning Project on Cultural Heritage & Conservation at YimTinTsai, Hong Kong
by Anna S.Y. Kwong
21 May 2014

MRI Forum 77
A Special MRI Forum on Books Presentation:
"500 Years of Italians in Hong Kong & Macau" and
"Portrait of a Jesuit – Alessandro Valignano"

by Alessandra Schiavo, Gianni Criveller, and Angelo Paratico
12 February 2014

MRI Forum 76
"the Cosmographer: A Renaissance Cartographic Itinerary"
by Stefaan Cloet & Isis Cloet
22 November 2013

MRI Forum 75
"Accommodating Civilizations: Reforming the Jesuit Missions in Asia, 1580-1620"
by Jesse Sargent
30 October 2013

MRI Forum 74
"The Jesuit Garden and Emperor Qianlong’s View of the Labyrinth"
by Hui Zou
19 June 2013

MRI Forum 73
"Altruism and Christian-Confucian Dialogue"
by Lai Pan Chiu
29 May 2013

MRI Forum 72
"Milestones of China-Italy Cultural Exchange:
The Overview of Historical Sino-European Architecture in China"

by Francesco Maglioccola 马方济
15 May 2013

MRI Forum 71
"Hosting Gods versus Hosted by God: Comparing the Formation of
Subjectivities in Chinese Religion and Christianity"

by Adam Yuet CHAU
17 April 2013

MRI Forum 70
"The Elusive Goal of Nation Building: Asian/Confucian Values
and Citizenship Education in Singapore"

by Yeow-Tong CHIA
20 February 2013

MRI Forum 69
"Buddhism under Attack and its Revival in the Ming Dynasty:
The Nanhua and the Guangxiao Monasteries in Guangdong"

by David Faure
29 November 2012

MRI Forum 68
"Commercial Networks and Slavery in 16th-Century Macao"
by Lúcio de Sousa and Manuel Perez-Garcia
19 September 2012

MRI Forum 67
"Some Thoughts on Writing the History of Chinese Thought"
by Torbjörn Lodén
27 June 2012

MRI Forum 66
"The Turin Shroud: the actual image of Christ?"
by William Meacham
18 April 2012

MRI Forum 65
"Ecology, Livelihood, Culture and Sustainable Peace
The Experiences of PeaceWomen from Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan"

by Chan Shun-hing
28 February 2012

MRI Forum 64
"The 1602 Map by Matteo Ricci"
by Ann Waltner
31 October 2011

MRI Forum 63
An evening celebrating the launch of our book
"Playing Bach in France and in China:
An Encounter of Musicians in Macau"
by Luís Sequeira, Yuan Sheng, David Francis Urrows and Artur Wardega
8 September 2011

MRI Forum 62
"Macaulogy: a Polymorphic Approach to
an Historical and Dynamic Phenomenon"
by António de Saldanha
16 May 2011

MRI Forum 61
"Riding the Eagle to Break Free from the Lion:
Houqua’s Positioning of the China Trade in view of the Shifting Geopolitical
Landscape of the Early 19th Century"
by John Wong
19 April 2011

MRI Forum 60
"“We are victims, aren't we?”
Self-victimizing nationalism as an obstacle to Sino-Japanese reconciliation"

by Martin Chung
16 February 2011

MRI Forum 59
"Book Launch of Portrait of a Jesuit
Matteo Ricci (1552 – 1610)"
by Gianni Criveller and César Guillén-Nuñez
7 September 2010

MRI Forum 58
"Rock Carvings in Hong Kong, Macau and the Region
– Description, Dating, Interpretation, Conservation"
by William Meacham
17 June 2010

MRI Forum 57
"Bible and New Chinese Literature in the 20th Century"
by Marián Gálik
22 April 2010

MRI Forum 56
"Xiaojiao Village:
The Historical Transformation of a Rural Community in Northern China"
by Hao Zhidong
24 February 2010

MRI Forum 55
"Images of Macao in Hong Kong Cinema"
by Vivian Lee
9 December 2009

MRI Forum 54
"European Supranationalism -
The Battle of Spirit of Jean Monnet and Vision of General de Gaulle"
by Krzysztof Śliwiński
4 November 2009

MRI Forum 53
"Global Modernity and Linguistic Universality:
Invention of the Modern Chinese Language"
by Tong Qing Sheng
12 October 2009

MRI Forum 52
"Contemporary Chinese Buddhism: Doctrines and Practices"
by Ven. Guang Xing
29 September 2009

MRI Forum 51
"China Trade!"
by Konstantin Bessmertny
11 June 2009

MRI Forum 50
"The Jesuits Le Cheron d´Incarville (1706-1757)
and João de Loureiro (1717-1791) and the Plants of China"
by Manuel Serrano Pinto
26 May 2009

MRI Forum 49
"Matteo Ricci's Ascent to Beijing (1583-1610)"
by Gianni Criveller
11 May 2009

MRI Forum 48
"The Chinese Century (c.1740 to c. 1840):
Its Historical and Contemporary Significance"
by George Bryan Souza
25 March 2009
Transcript: Coming soon

MRI Forum 47
"Cultures of Survival, 1958-1962"
by Frank Dikötter
18 February 2009
Transcript: Coming soon

MRI Forum 46
"The Three Historical Encounters between East and West
as Reflected in St. Paul College, Macao"
by Francisco Vizeu Pinheiro
21 January 2009

MRI Forum 45
"The Kangxi Emperor and the Struggle between
the French and Portuguese Jesuits, 1688-1708"
by Hsia Po-chia, Ronnie
16 December 2008
Transcript: Coming soon

MRI Forum 44
"Reading pleasures: on translating poetry"
by Bonnie S McDougall, Yao Jingming and Ng Mei Kwan
5 November 2008
Transcript: Coming soon

MRI Forum 43
"The Background of Matteo Ricci.
The Shaping of his Intellectual and Scientific Endowment"
by Gianni Criveller
6 October 2008
Transcript: Coming soon

MRI Forum 42
"Beyond Zhang Yimou's Generation: Nostalgia, Humanism and Survival of the Silent Majority in Chinese Cinema since 1997"
by Mao Sihui
17 September 2008
Transcript: Coming soon

MRI Forum 41
"Clearing the Heart, Seizing Time and Opportunity:
European Allegorical Prints in Late Ming China and Literati's Reception"
by Eugenio Menegon
11 June 2008
Transcript: Coming soon

MRI Forum 40
"神州交流–Chinese Cross Currents as a Cross-Cultural Meeting Point Between
Chinese and Foreign Intellectuals: Past Approaches and Today’s Challenges"
by Jean-Pierre Cabestan, Yves Camus, Guo Yidun and Dominique Tyl
21 May 2008
Transcript: Coming soon

MRI Forum 39
"China Rules: Chinese Dress from 1644 to the Present"
by Valery Garrett
6 May 2008
Transcript: Coming soon

MRI Forum 38
"China’s first-ever team appearance at an Olympics
—the footballers’ adventure of 1936"
by Vincent Heywood
23 April 2008
Transcript: Coming soon

MRI Forum 37
"Buddhist Communities in China: Launching of Christian Cochini's Book"
by Christian Cochini
15 April 2008
Transcript: Coming soon

MRI Forum 36
"The Perception of Maritime Space in Song, Yuan and Ming Sources"
by Roderich Ptak
10 March 2008
Transcript: Coming soon

MRI Forum 35
"Macao Poetry Today"
by Christopher Kelen
20 February 2008
Transcript: Coming soon

MRI Forum 34
"The International Environment and China's Twin Models of Development"
by Lam Lai Sing
23 January 2008
Transcript: Coming soon

MRI Forum 33
"Poland is closer than you think"
by Andrzej Pieczonka
11 December 2007
Transcript: Coming soon

MRI Forum 32
"Multi-ethnic culture in early Society of Jesus"
by Alexander Maryks
22 November 2007
Transcript: Coming soon

MRI Forum 31
"The Defences of Macau"
by Richard Garrett
16 October 2007

MRI Forum 30
"Chinese Medicine and Epidemic Diseases ― some lectures from the past"
by Dominique Buchillet
19 September 2007

MRI Forum 29
"Reading the Classics at the Age of Globalization"
by Thierry Meynard, s.j.
26 June 2007
Transcript: Coming soon

MRI Forum 28
"China – India relationship: pragmatic or strategic partners?"
by Jean-François Huchet
17 May 2007
Transcript: Coming soon

MRI Forum 27
""André Gide and mise en abyme in The Counterfeiters" –
Launching of the book written by Artur Wardega"
by Eugene Eoyang, Liu Dong, Artur Wardega and Patrick Li Feng
8 May 2007
Transcript: Coming soon

MRI Forum 26
"Evolution of the Diocese of Hong Kong from 1949 to 1997"
by Louis Ha
20 March 2007
Transcript: Coming soon

MRI Forum 25
"Heritage and Urban Development in Macao"
by José Maneiras and Carlos Marreiros
7 February 2007
Transcript: Coming soon

MRI Forum 24
"Œdipus in Asia and the resistance to Psychoanalysis"
by Geoffrey Blowers
22 November 2006
Transcript: Coming soon

MRI Forum 23
"China and Capitalism: A Reflection"
by Christopher A. McNally
13 July 2006
Transcript: Coming soon

MRI Forum 22
"Zheng He's Fleet—The Pinnacle of Ancient Chinese Shipbuilding"
by Vong Kit Han & Ana Brito
30 May 2006
Transcript: Coming soon

MRI Forum 21
"Macao: Living in China, Living with the Border"
by Werner Breitung
25 April 2006
Transcript: Coming soon

MRI Forum 20
"Giuseppe Castiglione, S.J.—
An Italian Master Painter in the Courts of Three Emperors"
by Robert Brothers
29 March 2006
Transcript: Coming soon

MRI Forum 19
"The Qigong Movement and China's Religious Question"
by David A. Palmer
15 February 2006
Transcript: Coming soon

MRI Forum 18
"Exploration of the Impact of the Gaming Industry on Family Life in Macau"
by Gertina van Schalkwyk, Emilie Tran, & Kay Chang
13 December 2005
Transcript: Coming soon

MRI Forum 17
"Across China's Mirror"
by Pierre Haski
15 November 2005
Transcript: Coming soon

MRI Forum 16
"Changes in Legal Education in China"
by Roderick O'Brien
20 July 2005

MRI Forum 15
"Macau: An Economy in Transition"
by José I. Duarte
8 June 2005

MRI Forum 14
"The Forbidden City, revealed from inside"
by Charles Chauderlot
25 May 2005
Transcript: Coming soon

MRI Forum 13
"Chinese Urban Culture and the Ruins of Macau"
by Jeremy Tambling
11 May 2005

MRI Forum 12
"Macau's contribution to China's modernisation along history"

by Gary Ngai Mei Cheong
30 March 2005

MRI Forum 11
"Understanding the Taiwan Independence Issue and Its Policy Implications"

by Emerson M.S. Niou
22 February 2005
Transcript: Coming soon

MRI Forum 10
"Pipe Organ Building and the Jesuits in China"

by David Francis Urrows
25 January 2005

MRI Forum 9
"Gutenberg comes to East Asia:
The Jesuit Mission Press in China & Japan (1590-1620)"

by M. Antoni J. Üçerler
16 December 2004

MRI Forum 8
"Crouching Tiger - Hidden Dragon, Infernal Affairs, and Hero
— A comparative study on the spatial perspectives
of three recent award-winning films from Greater China"

by Dominic Yung
9 November 2004
Transcript: Coming soon

MRI Forum 7
"Political Participation in Hong Kong:
Some Recent Trends and Prospects"

by Lam Wai-man
25 October 2004
Transcript: Coming soon

MRI Forum 6
"In Search of a Chinese Shadow:
The Chinese Pro-democracy Movement"

by Jean-Philippe Béja
15 September 2004
Transcript: Coming soon

MRI Forum 5
"Continuity and Change in Intercultural Relations among Chinese in the Americas:
Understanding the Present through Selected Experiences of the 19th Century"

by Lucy M. Cohen
8 June 2004

MRI Forum 4
"A Review of the History of Hong Kong Chinese Literature
and an Overview of Post-97 Hong Kong Chinese Poetic Circles"
by Peter Cheng Wai-ming
5 May 2004
Transcript: Coming soon

MRI Forum 3
"Local History in Hong Kong:
An Attempt at some Global Understanding"
by Gillian Bickley
24 February 2004
Transcript: Coming soon

Public Launching of Chinese Cross Currents
MRI Forum 2

"Chinese Religious Traditions in Contemporary China"
by Michael Saso
20 January 2004

MRI Forum 1
"Reintegration with Mainland China:
The Contrasting Experiences of Hong Kong and Macau"
by Ming K. Chan
20 November 2003
Transcript: Coming soon


Launching of Photographic & Critical Edition of
Portuguese-Chinese Manuscript Dictionary
by Michele Ruggieri (1543-1607) and Matteo Ricci (1552-1610)
with the Portuguese Oriental Institute and the Portuguese National Library

12 October 2001

Exhibition of "Macau: East-West Cultural Relics"
with the Macau Sino-Latina Foundation and the Beijing Municipal Government

1 January 2001