Past symposiums

Symposium 2016
Encounters between Jesuits and Protestants in Asia
9-11 November 2016

Symposium 2014
Jesuit Survival and Restoration:
Two-hundredth Anniversary Perspectives from Boston and Macau
28th-30th October, 2014

Symposium 2010
Acta Pekinensia:
Western Historical Sources for the Kangxi Reign
5th—7th October, 2010

Symposium 2009
Education for New Times:
Revisiting Pedagogical Models in the Jesuit Tradition
25th—27th November, 2009

Symposium 2008
In the Light and Shadow of an Emperor
Tomás Pereira, S.J. (1645-1708), the Kangxi Emperor
and the Jesuit Mission in China
27th—29th November, 2008

Symposium 2007
The Individual and Society in Modern Chinese Literature
November 29th—December 1st, 2007

Symposium 2006
Christianity and Cultures: Japan and China in Comparison (1543-1644)
November 30th—December 2nd, 2006

Symposium 2005
History and Memory: Present Reflections on the Past to Build Our Future
1st—3rd December, 2005

Symposium 2004: Culture, Law and Order–
Chinese and Western Traditions

24-26 November 2004

Symposium 2003: Culture, Art, Religion –
Wu Li (1632-1718) and his Inner Journey
27-29 November 2003

Symposium 2002: Religion and Culture –
Past Approaches, Present globalisation, Future Challenges
28-29 November 2002

Symposium 2001: Macau on the Threshold of the Third Millennium
14-15 December 2001


Exhibition: Paintings and Inner Journeys –
Seven Contemporary Artists
29 November - 7 December 2003