Past seminars

MRI Seminar 7
Jung’s Theory and Chinese Philosophical Thought:
an Encounter between the East and the West

by Viviane Thibaudier
27 October 2015 (Tuesday)

MRI Seminar 6
Introduction of the Western Music in China and the Philippines
by Maria Alexandra Inigo-Chua, Ching-chih Liu, Aurelio Porfiri and César Guillén-Nuñez
25 April 2015

MRI Seminar 5
"奇異的國度:卜彌格與歐洲早期漢學家對中國歷史的理解 "
by 劉晶晶博士
10 January 2014

MRI Seminar 4
"Count Maurice August Benyowsky in Macao (1771)"
10 November 2014

MRI Seminar 3
"Seminar devoted to the Memory of the Suppression and the Restoration of the
Society of Jesus in its Bicentennial Year of Commemoration 1814 -2014"

by Paul Begheyn, SJ, Yves Camus, SJ, César Guillén Nuñez,
Liu Jingjing, and Artur K. Wardega, SJ
12 March 2014

MRI Seminar 2
"The Idea of Architecture in the Chinese Academic Field:
The Construction of the Platform for Protection of Cultural Heritage"

by Francesco Maglioccola
"Heritage Policies in Macau: a Selective Legacy for the Future"
by Francisco Pinheiro, presented by Diogo Teixeira
27 November 2013

MRI Seminar 1
"Constructing and Deconstructing a National Poet" and "Brazil Imagined"
by Darlene J. Sadlier
22 May 2013