The Macau Ricci Institute has inaugurated its first monthly workshops in October 2002 with a series of sessions dedicated to the theme of the exchange in Art History between Macau and Europe. They focused on “The Awakening of Romanticism in 19th Century Western Art (Painting, Literature, Music) and its relevance to Macao”.

These six monthly sessions were conducted jointly by two MRI researchers, César Guillen-Nuñez and Artur K. Wardega, S.J., and has gathered good audience coming from local educational institutions, among them researchers, teachers and students.

Having conducted with success these first workshop activities, the MRI is willing to continue to develop its medium of educating and inspiring talks in view to boost the thought and reflection by that kind of academic level presentation offered to the local community.

The MRI workshop series represent a concrete effort of promoting an educational dialogue and exchange and as such is a real application of our deepest aims at the Macau Ricci Institute.