Co-authored by
Philippe CHARRU s.j. and

232 pp. ; illustr. ; 23.5 cm.
ISBN: 978-99937-947-5-2 (paperback)
In French, Chinese, and English

The present publication in three languages is an echo of the last Ricci Concert in 2010. It was designed from an original idea to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the death of Fr Matteo Ricci in 1610. Two specialists in Johann Sebastian Bach’s music, Yuan Sheng from Beijing and Philippe Charru from Paris, came to Macau to give a joint concert entirely devoted to Bach. This joint participation of a Chinese pianist known in Europe and America and of a French organist known in China and Japan marked the beginning of cultural exchanges under the auspices of music, between China and the West, at the organ of St Joseph’s in Macau.


Philippe Charru, s.j. 夏律
Born in Bordeaux, Philippe Charru, s.j., is titular organist of St. Ignatius Church in Paris. He also teaches musical aesthetics at Centre Sèvres, the Jesuit Colleges of Philosophy and Theology in Paris, where he is head of the Department of Aesthetics. He has given concerts and organ recitals in France, in Japan and in Beijing. For several years, together with Christoph Theobald, he undertook an interdisciplinary research, teaching and publishing on Johann Sebastian Bach’s works, from theological and musicological perspectives.
  盛原 Yuan Sheng
Born to a family of musicians in Beijing, Yuan Sheng has gained international recognition through his extensive perform- ances in more than twenty countries as a recitalist, chamber musician and concerto soloist. His performances and researches on the music of Bach have also attracted international attention in recent years. During the 2009-10 season Mr. Sheng gave a 5-recital-series of Wanquan Bahe (Bach exhaustive) as well as a 5-lecture-series on Bach at the Beijing Forbidden City Concert Hall. Since 2005 Mr. Sheng is on the Faculty of Piano of the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing, China.