I. Jesuits in Chinese History

Title Author
Suppression and Restoration of the Society of Jesus in China Fr Fernando Mateos S.J.
When "Mr. Ou (Euclid)" came to China Siu Man Keung
Exchange of Learning yet failed encounter Yves Camus
Macao and the Jesuits: A Reading Through the Prism of History Yves Camus
'A New Chinese Learning' in a Quest for Values Yves Camus
Matteo Ricci’s Legacy: a Loving Patience Yves Camus
Trans-cultural Exchanges through Chinese Studies Yves Camus

Jesuits’ Journeys in Chinese Studies

(Paper delivered at the World Conference on Sinology 2007 — Renmin University of China, Beijing, March 26-28)

Yves Camus

II. Literary Thoughts

Title Author

Literary Creation and Culture based on Religious Belief

(Paper delivered at International Conference on Literary Theory Paradigm and Transformation, Harbin-Mohe, 22-28 July, 2008)

Artur Wardega

Genius of Christianity or Genius of Chivalry?

(Full article as printed in Chinese Cross Currents issue 5.1)

Artur Wardega

Mystagogy — A suggested approach to the reading of literary texts, based upon the inner life

(Full article as printed in Chinese Cross Currents issue 4.2)

Artur Wardega

III. Other

Title Author

Macao’s College and Church of St Joseph, Splendour of the Baroque in China by César Guillén Nuñez

(Book Review by Thomas Coomans)

Thomas Coomans

Architectural Styles and Identities in Hong Kong: The Chinese and Western Designs for St Teresa’s Church in Kowloon Tong, 1928–32

Thomas Coomans & Puay-Peng Ho

Notre-Dame de Sheshan à Shanghai, basilique des jésuites français en Chine, 1867-1936

Thomas Coomans