After the Typhoon Hato our library is totally destroyed. All the collection of our library is lost in this disaster. Some of those books that we keep in our library are unique copy in Macau; some of them are very ancient copy and are hardly find in the market. Besides sadness and regret on this tragedy, it also enlightens us on how to keep our library permanently. The improvement of the information technology makes information sharing and storage more and more easily. So we decided to use this platform to create a more convenience information collection center and a more safe material storage. These come out a idea that we are going to build up a digital library.

  From the beginning of 21st Century the development trend of Macau library is based on the “Macau Knowledge Program” and target to combine the different library in Macau to become a Macau Resource Network. The features of the digital library is very compatible with this destination. The carrier of the information is no longer limited to one or two since it can be transfer to different format since it is digital. Through by the internet, the information that store in the digital library can be share to anywhere. Whenever the system is working, the user can access the library anytime they want. These flexibilities of digital library make it very easy to combine with each other.

According to the information from the Macao Library & Information Management Association, until 2016 there are 80 special libraries and 34 universities or collage libraries. This number seems very huge but many of these libraries are private properties or subsidiary organizations of government department, so they are not open to the public some of those even not notice by public. Because of this reason, it will be very inconvenience when the researchers need some professional information. As a conclusion, we decided to build up a professional digital resources center for public use, that is our digital library.

Because this is a special library that we are going to develop, our collections have to be focus on our research and be professional. After the discussion within the executive members, our library collections will be as follow:

  1. History of the missionaries
  2. Social innovation
  3. Moral Leadership
  4. Interreligious dialogue
  5. Catholic social teachings

 This will be a 10 years project as part of Macau Ricci Institute library plan. Since this is a huge project, we need your support to make it come true. We are thankful for any donation of books and co-operation chance to complete our collections. You can refer to our web-site for the contact information and more introduction about us. Thank you!