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No. Date Subject Speakers
98 15-Mar-2019 MRI & USJ Cinma Forum - Understanding China Through Cinema: Recognising The Hero “The Grand Master” Prof. Dr. Bernard Tan
97 08-Jan-2019 MRI Forum - The Migration Crisis and Policy in Europe Professor Bruno S. Frey
96 18-Oct-2018 MRI Forum - "Silence",Endo Shusaku and Japanese Christian History Dr. Ayako Fukushima
95 11-Jul-2018 MRI Forum - Diplomacy and artistic exchanges on the Silk Road and the Spice Road: some exemplary figures Prof. Francesco Vossilla
94 06-Jun-2018 MRI Forum - Sinicizing Church Architecture in the 1920s and 1930s Prof. Thomas Coomans
93 27-Apr-2018 Book presentation - Global History and New Polycentric Approaches: Europe, Asia and the Americas in a World Network System Prof. Manuel Perez Garcia
92 10-Apr-2018 The Intercultural Weaving of Historical Texts - Chinese scholars and European missionaries writing about ancient Dr. Nicolas Standaert
91 06-Mar-2018 Responsible Leadership and Guillaume-Henri Dufour Dr. Roderick O’Brien
90 10-Jan-2018 The Ethical Foundation of the European Union Prof. Dr. Anton Jamnik
04-Dec-2017 Book Launching Ceremony - Macao's College and Church of St. Joseph: Splendour of the Baroque in China Cesar Guillen Nuñez
89 02-May-2017 The trans-formative journey of Giuseppe Castiglione S.J. into China and its visual culture Francesco Vossilla Ph.D.
88 18-Jan-2017 The Imaginative Melancholy of Matteo Ricci Gianni Criveller
87 02-Dec-2016 Spirituality and Poetry Claude Tuduri
86 29-Nov-2016 Art, Culture, and Resonance in the Jesuit Mission in Aisa David Francis Urrows
85 11-Jul-2016 Ethical Leadership: A delicate balancing act Mollie Painter-Morland
84 20-Jun-2016 Successful Incultuaration of Buddhism in China Christian Cochini S.J
83 29-Mar-2016 Heritage in the making: Culture, local agency, and the city Sheyla Schuvartz Zandonai
82 03-Jun-2015 The Society, Economy and Politics of Macao's Casino Capitalism: Crisis or Opportunity? Sonny Shiu-Hing Lo
81 11-Dec-2014 A Borderless Village: Binding / Bounding Spiritual Ties among Phlong Migrants in Greater Bangkok Ms Indrė Balčaitė
80 16-Sep-2014 最後在華耶穌會士:賀清泰(1735-1813) Jing Jing Liu
79 25-Jun-2014 New Great Power Relations of a Rising China Andrew K.P. Leung
78 21-May-2014 I Add Nothing and I Take Away Nothing - an UNESCO Asia-Pacific Office award-winning Project on Cultural Heritage and Conservation at YimTinTsai, Hong Kong Anna S.Y. Kwong
77 12-Feb-2014 A Special MRI Forum on Books Presentation:500 Years of Italians in Hong Kong and Macau and Portrait of a Jesuit – Alessandro Valignano Alessandra Schiavo, Gianni Criveller and Angelo Paratico
76 22-Nov-2013 the Cosmographer: A Renaissance Cartographic Itinerary Stefaan Cloet and Isis Cloet
75 30-Oct-2013 Accommodating Civilizations: Reforming the Jesuit Missions in Asia, 1580-1620 Jesse Sargent
74 19-Jun-2013 The Jesuit Garden and Emperor Qianlong’s View of the Labyrinth Hui Zou
73 29-May-2013 Altruism and Christian-Confucian Dialogue Lai Pan Chiu
72 15-May-2013 "Milestones of China-Italy Cultural Exchange: The Overview of Historical Sino-European Architecture in China" Francesco Maglioccola
71 17-Apr-2013 "Hosting Gods versus Hosted by God: Comparing the Formation of Subjectivities in Chinese Religion and Christianity" Adam Yuet CHAU
70 20-Feb-2013 "The Elusive Goal of Nation Building: Asian/Confucian Values and Citizenship Education in Singapore" Yeow-Tong CHIA
69 29-Nov-2012 "Buddhism under Attack and its Revival in the Ming Dynasty: The Nanhua and the Guangxiao Monasteries in Guangdong" David Faure
68 19-Sep-2012 Commercial Networks and Slavery in 16th-Century Macao Lúcio de Sousa and Manuel Perez-Garcia
67 27-Jun-2012 Some Thoughts on Writing the History of Chinese Thought Torbjörn Lodén
66 18-Apr-2012 The Turin Shroud: the actual image of Christ? William Meacham
65 28-Feb-2012 "Ecology, Livelihood, Culture and Sustainable Peace: The Experiences of PeaceWomen from Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan" Chan Shun-hing
64 31-Oct-2011 The 1602 Map by Matteo Ricci Ann Waltner
63 08-Sep-2011 An evening celebrating the launch of our book Playing Bach in France and in China: An Encounter of Musicians in Macau Luís Sequeira, Yuan Sheng, David Francis Urrows and Artur Wardega
62 16-May-2011 "Macaulogy: a Polymorphic Approach to an Historical and Dynamic Phenomenon" António de Saldanha
61 19-Apr-2011 "Riding the Eagle to Break Free from the Lion: Houqua’s Positioning of the China Trade in view of the Shifting Geopolitical Landscape of the Early 19th Century" John Wong
60 16-Feb-2011 "“We are victims, aren't we?” Self-victimizing nationalism as an obstacle to Sino-Japanese reconciliation" Martin Chung
59 07-Sep-2010 "Book Launch of Portrait of a Jesuit Matteo Ricci (1552 – 1610)" Gianni Criveller and César Guillén-Nuñez
58 17-Jun-2010 "Rock Carvings in Hong Kong, Macau and the Region – Description, Dating, Interpretation, Conservation" William Meacham
57 22-Apr-2010 Bible and New Chinese Literature in the 20th Century Marián Gálik
56 24-Feb-2010 "Xiaojiao Village: The Historical Transformation of a Rural Community in Northern China" Hao Zhidong
55 09-Dec-2009 Images of Macao in Hong Kong Cinema Vivian Lee
54 04-Nov-2009 "European Supranationalism - The Battle of Spirit of Jean Monnet and Vision of General de Gaulle" Krzysztof Śliwiński
53 12-Oct-2009 "Global Modernity and Linguistic Universality: Invention of the Modern Chinese Language" Tong Qing Sheng
52 29-Sep-2009 Contemporary Chinese Buddhism: Doctrines and Practices Ven. Guang Xing
51 11-Jun-2009 China Trade! Konstantin Bessmertny
50 26-May-2009 "The Jesuits Le Cheron d´Incarville (1706-1757) and João de Loureiro (1717-1791) and the Plants of China" Manuel Serrano Pinto
49 11-May-2009 Matteo Ricci's Ascent to Beijing (1583-1610) Gianni Criveller
48 25-Mar-2009 "The Chinese Century (c.1740 to c. 1840): Its Historical and Contemporary Significance" George Bryan Souza
47 18-Feb-2009 Cultures of Survival, 1958-1962 Frank Dikötter
46 21-Jan-2009 "The Three Historical Encounters between East and West as Reflected in St. Paul College, Macao" Francisco Vizeu Pinheiro
45 16-Dec-2008 "The Kangxi Emperor and the Struggle between the French and Portuguese Jesuits, 1688-1708" Hsia Po-chia, Ronnie
44 05-Nov-2008 Reading pleasures: on translating poetry Bonnie S McDougall, Yao Jingming and Ng Mei Kwan
43 06-Oct-2008 "The Background of Matteo Ricci. The Shaping of his Intellectual and Scientific Endowment" Gianni Criveller
42 17-Sep-2008 Beyond Zhang Yimou's Generation: Nostalgia, Humanism and Survival of the Silent Majority in Chinese Cinema since 1997 Mao Sihui
41 11-Jun-2008 "Clearing the Heart, Seizing Time and Opportunity: European Allegorical Prints in Late Ming China and Literati's Reception" Eugenio Menegon
40 21-May-2008 "神州交流–Chinese Cross Currents as a Cross-Cultural Meeting Point Between Chinese and Foreign Intellectuals: Past Approaches and Today’s Challenges" Jean-Pierre Cabestan, Yves Camus, Guo Yidun and Dominique Tyl
39 06-May-2008 China Rules: Chinese Dress from 1644 to the Present Valery Garrett
38 23-Apr-2008 "China’s first-ever team appearance at an Olympics —the footballers’ adventure of 1936" Vincent Heywood
37 15-Apr-2008 Buddhist Communities in China: Launching of Christian Cochini's Book Christian Cochini
36 10-Mar-2008 The Perception of Maritime Space in Song, Yuan and Ming Sources Roderich Ptak
35 20-Feb-2008 Macao Poetry Today Christopher Kelen
34 23-Jan-2008 The International Environment and China's Twin Models of Development Lam Lai Sing
33 11-Dec-2007 Poland is closer than you think Andrzej Pieczonka
32 22-Nov-2007 Multi-ethnic culture in early Society of Jesus Alexander Maryks
31 16-Oct-2007 The Defences of Macau Richard Garrett
30 19-Sep-2007 Chinese Medicine and Epidemic Diseases ― some lectures from the past Dominique Buchillet
29 26-Jun-2007 Reading the Classics at the Age of Globalization Thierry Meynard, s.j.
28 17-May-2007 China – India relationship: pragmatic or strategic partners? Jean-François Huchet
27 08-May-2007 André Gide and mise en abyme in The Counterfeiters" – Launching of the book written by Artur Wardega" Eugene Eoyang, Liu Dong, Artur Wardega and Patrick Li Feng
26 20-Mar-2007 Evolution of the Diocese of Hong Kong from 1949 to 1997 Louis Ha
25 07-Feb-2007 Heritage and Urban Development in Macao José Maneiras and Carlos Marreiros
24 22-Nov-2006 Œdipus in Asia and the resistance to Psychoanalysis Geoffrey Blowers
23 13-Jul-2006 China and Capitalism: A Reflection Christopher A. McNally
22 30-May-2006 Zheng He's Fleet—The Pinnacle of Ancient Chinese Shipbuilding Vong Kit Han and Ana Brito
21 25-Apr-2006 Macao: Living in China, Living with the Border Werner Breitung
20 29-Mar-2006 "Giuseppe Castiglione, S.J.— An Italian Master Painter in the Courts of Three Emperors" Robert Brothers
19 15-Feb-2006 The Qigong Movement and China's Religious Question David A. Palmer
18 13-Dec-2005 Exploration of the Impact of the Gaming Industry on Family Life in Macau Gertina van Schalkwyk, Emilie Tran, and Kay Chang
17 15-Nov-2005 Across China's Mirror Pierre Haski
16 20-Jul-2005 Changes in Legal Education in China Roderick O'Brien
15 08-Jun-2005 Macau: An Economy in Transition José I. Duarte
14 25-May-2005 The Forbidden City, revealed from inside Charles Chauderlot
13 11-May-2005 Chinese Urban Culture and the Ruins of Macau Jeremy Tambling
12 30-Mar-2005 Macau's contribution to China's modernisation along history Gary Ngai Mei Cheong
11 22-Feb-2005 Understanding the Taiwan Independence Issue and Its Policy Implications Emerson M.S. Niou
10 25-Jan-2005 Pipe Organ Building and the Jesuits in China David Francis Urrows
9 16-Dec-2004 "Gutenberg comes to East Asia: The Jesuit Mission Press in China and Japan (1590-1620) " M. Antoni J. Üçerler
8 09-Nov-2004 "Crouching Tiger - Hidden Dragon, Infernal Affairs, and Hero — A comparative study on the spatial perspectives of three recent award-winning films from Greater China" Dominic Yung
7 25-Oct-2004 "Political Participation in Hong Kong: Some Recent Trends and Prospects" Lam Wai-man
6 15-Sep-2004 "In Search of a Chinese Shadow: The Chinese Pro-democracy Movement" Jean-Philippe Béja
5 08-Jun-2004 "Continuity and Change in Intercultural Relations among Chinese in the Americas: Understanding the Present through Selected Experiences of the 19th Century " Lucy M. Cohen
4 05-May-2004 "A Review of the History of Hong Kong Chinese Literature and an Overview of Post-97 Hong Kong Chinese Poetic Circles" Peter Cheng Wai-ming
3 24-Feb-2004 "Local History in Hong Kong: An Attempt at some Global Understanding" Gillian Bickley
2 20-Jan-2004 Public Launching of Chinese Cross Currents - Chinese Religious Traditions in Contemporary China Michael Saso
1 20-Nov-2003 "Reintegration with Mainland China: The Contrasting Experiences of Hong Kong and Macau" Ming K. Chan
12-Oct-2001 Launching of Photographic and Critical Edition of Portuguese-Chinese Manuscript Dictionary by Michele Ruggieri (1543-1607) and Matteo Ricci (1552-1610) with the Portuguese Oriental Institute and the Portuguese National Library
01-Jan-2001 Exhibition of "Macau: East-West Cultural Relics" with the Macau Sino-Latina Foundation and the Beijing Municipal Government