• 22 February 2005


  • Macau Ricci Institue


  • 18:00 to 21:30


  • Free


  • English


Emerson M.S. Niou

Emerson M.S. Niou (Ph.D., U. of Texas at Austin, 1987) is Professor of Political Science at Duke University and, from 2004-06, Professor of Government and Public Administration at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He is the co-author of The Balance of Power , Cambridge University Press, 1989. His recent publications include: "The Return of the Luddites," with P. Ordeshook, International Security , October 1999; "Strategic Voting under Plurality and Runoff Rules," Journal of Theoretical Politics , 2001; "A Theory of Economic Sanctions and Issue Linkage," with D. Lacy, Journal of Politics , 2004; and "Understanding Taiwan Independence and Its Policy Implications," Asian Survey, July 2004. His current projects include studies of institutions and reforms in China and alliance politics in anarchic international systems.


Taiwan's democratization has placed Taiwan independence as one of the most important issues on its domestic politics and on the security balance in the Taiwan Strait. Surveys have been conducted regularly to track shifts in Taiwanese public sentiment on this issue. In my presentation, I use survey data to measure people's attitude on this issue and discuss the factors that might affect its future development.