Genuine Friendship A Mountain Mirrored in a Lake



  • Friday 22 February 2019


  • Saint Joseph's Church R. Do Seminario, Macao

Cooperation Partner:

  • Casa Ricci Social Services


  • 19:00 to 20:30


  • Free


  • Macao Foundation (澳門基金會)




The Swiss-Chinese composer YANG Jing is also a renowned international Pipa soloist. She started her musical career from working at the Chinese local opera theater. She mastered pipa playing and compositions techniques in Asia and in Switzerland. Her compositions have a wide range in musical styles and contents. They have been staged in many musical festivals and in different countries around the world. Thanks to her intercultural understanding and ability in mastering different styles of music, combining her love for musical traditions of east and west with an innovative spirit of exploration, Yang Jing builds on a vast amalgam of musical from both Asian and Western traditions to create a musical experience that transcends boundaries.


Ernesto Maurice Corpus

Ernesto Maurice (Ernie) Corpus is known internationally as one of the world’s finest live-music accompaniment recital performers for classical silent-film presentations since 1992.

As a music composer Ernie won the Grand Prix at the 1992 Yamaha Electone © International Festival.

He was the music arranger of the late Hong Kong singing superstar Anita Mui’s famous version of “Rose Rose I Love You”.

He recorded 10 CD albums of his original performances of well-known Western and Chinese pop music, and released an album of his music arrangements for the Yamaha Electone © musical instrument of Hong Kong pop music.

For 15 years since 1985 Ernie was the Principal Keyboard player (Section leader) and a music arranger to the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra Pops Concert series, and still performs occasionally as keyboard player with Hong Kong orchestras and ensembles, and performed with many local and international musicians and performing artistes.

Ernesto Maurice (Ernie) Corpus is also one of Hong Kong’s most prolific Theatre and Event Production Designers.

His design work has been acclaimed by show reviewers in the media including SCMP, Time Out, RTHK, BC Magazine, HK Magazine.

He also recently appeared in two TV drama series for HK-TVB Jade channel as a principal supporting actor.


The Macau Ricci Institute and Casa Ricci Social Service organize a Charity Concert entitled "Genuine Friendship A Mountain Mirrored in a Lake" in 2019.

This charity concert is based on the theme of Ricci's friendship with China. With a new interpretation, through the traditional Chinese musical instrument Pipa and the western instrument pipe organ, the story of Macau Ricci Institute and Casa Ricci Social Service are presented to the everyone in the blend of Chinese and Western music. The story and spirit allow the audience to experience the Ricci spirit of friendship through different angles.

It is really meaningful to be able to hold a concert at Saint Joseph's Church, except that it is a long-established Jesuit church, which also houses the holy shrine of St. Francis Xavier and with Matteo Ricci’s Sacred Icon in the garden. Let everyone has a comprehensive understanding of Ricci's friendship spirit within the Jesuits in the environment with music and stories. This is indeed a rare opportunity. Please come with your friends and family to join us, let’s create the same friendship spirit together!

Free admission to the concert (no entry, first come first served). The funds raised were used to support Casa Ricci Social Service and the reconstruction of the Macau Ricci Institute Library.