Macau, Macau

A path to reconciliation and peace 通往和諧與和平的路



「默觀與領導力」課程 2020 | Contemplation and Leadership Course 2020

Topic: A Path to Reconciliation and Peace

-Section 1: Monday, 14 September 2020 | 7:15pm - 8:45pm (Held)
-Section 2: Saturday, 3 October 2020 | 3:00 pm - 5:30 pm
-Venue: Jesuitas ( Largo de Santo Agostinho 4, Macau, Jesuitas )
-Instructor: Fr. Stephan Rothlin, S.J.
-Language: English /Mandarin

**Participants are advised to bring along comfortable clothing, if possible, a meditation mat.
**Participants are required to check their body temperature and to wear surgical face mask during the course due to the COVID-19 pandemic. **


-課堂1: 2020年9月14日(一) | 晚上7時15分至8時45分 (已舉辦)
-課堂2: 2020年10月3日(六) | 下午3時至5時30分
-地點:耶穌會會院 ( 澳門崗頂前地4號 耶穌會會院 )



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