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The Seeds of Transformation 變化的種子



「默觀與領導力」課程 2020 | Contemplation and Leadership Course 2020

Topic: The Seeds of Transformation 變化的種子

-Session : Saturday 14 November 2020 at 15:00
-Venue: Jesuitas ( Largo de Santo Agostinho 4, Macau, Jesuitas )
-Instructor: Fr. Jaroslaw Duraj, S.J.
-Language: English /Mandarin

**Participants are advised to bring along comfortable clothing, if possible, a meditation mat.
**Participants are required to check their body temperature and to wear surgical face mask during the course due to the COVID-19 pandemic. **

Introduction: In our practice we will focus on the role of contemplation in our daily life and how it can become a transformative force changing our perception of reality from negativity to affirmation and how it can influence our life choices. The theme of this session will be “The Seeds of Transformation” and we will take for our prayer and sharing The Parable of the Sower (Luke 8:4–15). Looking forward to meeting you during our session!

-課堂1: 2020年11月14日(六) | 下午3時正
-地點:耶穌會會院 ( 澳門崗頂前地4號 耶穌會會院 )



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