MOOC 1: How to Write a Business Plan


The first course of the Responsible Entrepreneurship MOOC series, How to Write a Business Plan, aims to help you to turn your business idea into a business plan that you can use to present to potential investors. This course will enable you to check the feasibilit y of your business idea and make adjustments as needed, based on the assignments that we provide in the course. It will also help you to refine your mission, objectives, marketing plan, team-building strategy, operations, and financial statements.

  • This course is 8 weeks in length, with 8 20-minute video lectures and approximately 90 minutes of homework associated with each session. The sessions' titles are:
  • Session 1: Introducing Responsible Entrepreneurship
  • Session 2: Turning Your Concept into a BusinessPlan
  • Session 3: How to Get Start
  • Session 4: Market Research and Market Plan
  • Session 5: Company, People and Operations
  • Session 6: Marketing and Sales
  • Session 7: Funding Your Business
  • Session 8: Cashflow, Breakeven and the Inco me Statement