MOOC 3: Vocation of a Business Leader


The third course, Vocation of a Business Leader, focuses on the theme of business leadership as a vocation, as a personal calling that has both purpose and responsibilit y. The course explores the relationship between leadership, ethics, and finding fulfi llment in one's work. Practical advice on managing challenges such as environmental protection, team building, developing sustainable business strategies, and implementing authentic corporate social responsibility policies will be provided and explained throughout the course.

  • This course is 8 weeks in length, with 8 25-minute video lectures and approximately 90 minutes of homework associated with each session. The sessions' titles are:
  • Session 1: What does'Vocation'Mean and Have You Got One?
  • Session 2: The Keys for Succe ssful Business Leadership Part One
  • Session 3: The Keys for Successful Business Leadership Part Two
  • Session 4: How to Make Good Judgments
  • Session 5: Acting with Solidarity as a Business Leader
  • Session 6: Acting with Subsidiarity as a Business Leader
  • Session 7: How Could Your Vocation in Business Link with a Motivating Social Purpose?
  • Session 8: Living out Your Personal Mission