MOOC 4: International Business Ethics: Focus on China


The fourth course, International Business Ethics: Focus on China, presents case studies of real events that involved corporations operating in China and East Asia. The course will provide commentary on each case from a panel of businessprofessionals, and will help you to understand the complexities in handling corporate crises, managing conflicts in the workplace, turning challengesinto opportunities,organizing public relations responses, and rebuilding public trust in the aftermath of a crisis.

  • This course is 8 weeks in length, with 8 25-minute video lectures and approximately 90 minutes of homework associated with each session. The sessions' titles are:
  • Session 1: How to Approach Management Challenges?
  • Session 2: Assessing a Questionable Public Relations Opportunity
  • Session 3: Managing Your Impacts
  • Session 4: The Challenge of Getting Rich Quick
  • Session 5: Managing a Safety Failure Crisis
  • Session 6: Rebuilding Trust after a Crisis
  • Session 7: Managing Business to Al leviate Poverty
  • Session 8: Keeping a Promise