International Business Ethics Focus on Asia 國際經濟倫理: 聚焦亞州


The Rothlin & McCann book is a rich, unique resource to be treasured by everyone keen to understand corporate and managerial behavior in China (and beyond in Asia). More specifically it will be useful for:

1) Ethicists involved in teaching ethics (whether in Asia or elsewhere in the world) and keen to illustrate moral theories and models with some real situations and their dilemmas

2) Managers keen to understand business practices in Asia (particularly in China) and how values and culture affect negotiation and impact decision making in different Asian contexts

3) Students who need to be guided and be given conceptual frameworks to realize the importance and role of values in management - in their own or in a different cultural environment – and who need real case studies to learn from.

This Rothlin & McCann book is also very timely, highly relevant today, rare in offering to blend theory and practice, concepts, and illustrations, making easier the identification and the discussion of ethical issues in business and society, while enhancing awareness and inviting the reader to take responsibility for contributing to society, to the Common Good.

Henri-Claude de Bettignies

Emeritus Professor, INSEAD

Emeritus Distinguished Professor of Globally Responsible Leadership, CEIBS