• 6 March 2018


  • Pax Hall, next to the Grotto within St. Joseph Seminary


  • 18:30 to 21:30


  • Free


  • English


  • Macao Foundation (澳門基金會)



Dr. Roderick O’Brien

In 2012 Dr. Roderick O’Brien was appointed as Adjunct Research Fellow in the School of Management of the University of South Australia. Since then, Dr. O’Brien has researched and published in the area of professional ethics, ethics and law in China, spirituality and ethics, and international humanitarian law. He has been researching and publishing in these areas for many years.

Dr. O’Brien’s recent publications include:

• Moral Leadership using the Method of Francis de Sales” Journal of the Macau Ricci Institute, (2017) 1, 53-62

• “Legal Education in China: More English Language Materials” International Journal of Legal Information, (2015) vol. 43 (2-3) pp 395-410

• “Secular Ethics: Understanding China’s Socialist Ethics” (2015) Asian Horizons vol. 9 no 3 pp 573

• “The National Lawyers College of the People’s Republic of China” (2015) International Journal of the Legal Profession, vol. 22(1) pp 127-132

• “Wu Tingfang (Ng Choy): The Philanthropist” (2014) 54 Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society, Hong Kong Branch 195-200

• “Discipline for China’s Lawyers: Records from Shenzhen” (2014) Hong Kong Law Journal, vol. 44 (1) 339-344

• “Comparative Law and China’s Socialist Legal System” (2014) 1 Journal of South African Law (Tydskrif Vir Die Suid-Afrikaanse Reg) 130-140

• “Subsidiarity in Asia” (2013) 6 Journal of International Business Ethics 11-18

• “Discipline for China’s Lawyers: Records from Beijing” (2013) Hong Kong Law Journal, vol. 43(1) 377-392


Sometimes a single individual can serve as an example of Responsible Leadership. Swiss General Guillaume-Henri Dufour is such a man. Our presentation will begin with a brief survey of his history, and then focus on two specific events in his life: the Sonderbund War, and the founding of the Red Cross movement and the Geneva Conventions. By examining his life and work, we are able to draw some practical conclusions about the content of Responsible Leadership, especially in times of crisis.

i. The responsible leader comprehensively understands the task.

ii. The responsible leader is consistently principled.

iii. The responsible leader provides transparent guidance and reasoning to the followers.

iv. The responsible leader is not afraid of failure.