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  • Wednesday 16 November 2022


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Mark O’Neill

Mark O’Neill worked in Washington DC and Belfast, Northern Ireland before moving to Hong Kong in 1978. He has lived in Asia ever since, in Taiwan, India, China, Japan and, since 2006, in Hong Kong. This is his 12th book, about Chinese history and society.

Please see the website of his books:

Eight have been published in traditional Chinese as well as English, and four in simplified Chinese. The books are available from Joint Publishing, Eslite, Commercial Press and other major bookstores in Hong Kong. If you cannot find them, Mark will be delighted to send you copies.




Dr Hu Shih was one of the greatest Chinese intellectuals of the 20th century. Hu grew up in a large family in Anhui, central China and was engaged at the age of 12 to a lady from a nearby village. A prodigy, he was an outstanding student in Shanghai and then for seven years at Cornell and Columbia Universities in the U.S. He returned to China as a professor at Peking University and played an active role in the New Culture Movement, promoting vernacular language to replace Classical Chinese. He was a prolific writer, speaker and campaigner on social issues and influenced thousands of his countrymen. From 1938-1942, he served as China’s ambassador in Washington. He spent his last four years as President of Academia Sinica in Taiwan. After he passed away, tens of thousands lined the streets to pay their respects – an unprecedented tribute to an intellectual.



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China’s Great Liberal of the 20th Century – Hu Shih, Founder of Modern Chinese Language

開風氣而爲之師 – 中國偉大的知識分子 – 胡適

ISBN: 978962044918

Doctor Hu Shih was the most remarkable Chinese intellectual of the 20th century. He was most notable for pioneering vernacular Chinese which replaced the classical version that had been the written language for many centuries. He delivered lectures at Beijing University and elsewhere, authored 44 books and countless articles, and influenced tens of thousands of Chinese. He promoted family planning, equality for women and freedom of marriage and whether to have children. He said China should solve its many problems through scientific research and analysis, not “isms”. As China’s ambassador in Washington from 1938-42, he was instrumental in persuading President Franklin Roosevelt not to sign a peace agreement with Japan and helping China to win the war.

胡適博士是20世紀最卓越的中國知識分子。他最矚目的成就,是開以白話文為書寫文字的先河,取代千百年來一直在中華大地上使用的文言文。為此,他在包括北京大學在內的各個場合演講、撰寫了44種書,以及無數的文章,影響了數以萬計的中國人。他又推廣家庭計劃、主張男女平權和婚姻自由,並維護人們自行選擇是否生育的權利。此外,他認為中國應該通過科學研究和分析(而非“主義”),去解決自身的問題。 1938-42年間擔任中國駐華盛頓大使的他,在勸阻時任美國總統小羅斯福與日本簽訂和約、促成美國下決心幫助中國打贏抗日戰爭上,發揮了作用,歷史應記他一功。

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