• 25 April 2015


  • Macau Ricci Institue


  • 15:00 to 17:30


  • Free


  • English

Audio Record of this Seminar


Maria. Alexandra INIGO-CHUA

Maria. Alexandra INIGO-CHUA has a Bachelor of Music in Piano, magna cum laude, from the University of Santo Tomas Conservatory of Music (1991) and a Master in Music major in Musicology from the University of the Philippines College of Music (2000). She is currently taking her doctorate degree program in music at the University of the Philippines and is a recipient of a scholarship program of the Commission on Higher Education. She is an Associate Professor at the UST Conservatory of Music teaching History of Music, Forms and Analysis, and musicology subjects. She was the Chair of the Music Literature Department from 2002-2007 of the said institution. Her book Kirial de Baclayon, published by the Ateneo de Manila University Press in 2010, inaugurates an important phase in the field of Philippine music history scholarship. It is a pioneering study of early 19th century liturgical music repertory, which fully utilized combined historical and analytical musicological methods of paleography, textual criticism and music analysis.

Ching-chih LIU劉靖之

Ching-chih LIU劉靖之 holds PhD, FCIL, Hon MCIL, Hon FHKTS, LRSM, A-Mus-TCL, served as Translator at the British Broadcasting Corporation, Administrator and Researcher at the University of Hong Kong, and Professor and Hon. Professor in the Department of Translation, Lingnan University, from 1966 to 2001. He is now Hon. Research Fellow of the Hong Kong Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Hong Kong, Hon. Professor of the MA Programme in Translation at the Hong Kong Baptist University, Visiting Fellow of the Research Institute of Music of the Academy of Arts China and the Central Conservatory of Music, Beijing, and Visiting Professor of the Shanghai Conservatory of Music. He was President of the Hong Kong Translation Society during 1986-2004, and was President of the Hong Kong Ethnomusicology Society (1986-2004). He is now President Emeritus of the Hong Kong Ethnomusicology Society and the Hong Kong Translation Society; Fellow and Honorary Life Member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists (London); Founding Chief Editor of Translation Quarterly, Journal of the Hong Kong Translation Society. He is author and editor of 31 books on music, two on classical Chinese literature and 17 on translation; and author of numerous articles and reviews on music, books and culture.


Aurelio PORFIRI was born in Italy and graduated with the final degree in choral music at the Conservatorio di San Pietro a Majella, Naples. He is completing his music doctorate in Australia. He also studied Renaissance polyphony and polyphonic musical forms with Domenico Bartolucci and pursued further studies of organ and composition with Giuseppe Agostini (a leading organist and choir master in Italy). Later he also studied renaissance semiology with Francesco Luisi (editor for the third national edition of the works of Palestrina). Previously being the substitute organist of the Vatican City Vicariate in St. Peter’s Basilica as well as many notable churches in Italy, he arrived in Macau in 2008. He is scientific collaborator for IBIMUS (Institute for Musical Bibliography, Rome) and contributor for several journals and blogs in Italy, USA and Macau. His music is published in Macau, Italy, France, USA and Germany. He has also published 8 books and almost 300 articles. For his contribution to the Italian church music his name was included into the Cambridge Companion to Choral Music. He is Director of Choral Activities at the Santa Rosa de Lima English Secondary School in Macau and chief editor of the blog Il Naufrago/Castaway (


César GUILLÉN-NUÑEZ is currently a Research Fellow and Historian of Art at the Macao Ricci Institute. He has an M.Phil. (University College London), an M.A. (Uni. of Penn.) and a B.A. Honours (Courtauld Institute of Art), all in the History of Art, with a specialization in Baroque Latin American, Spanish and Portuguese art and architecture. He began his professional career as Assistant Curator of Historical Pictures and Contemporary Art at the Hong Kong Museum of Art, but later moved to Macao, where he was Deputy Curator and briefly Acting Curator at the Luis de Camões Museum. His specialization has led him to focus on the art and architecture of Macao from the 16th-19th centuries, as well as on the Society of Jesus as pioneers in the artistic China-West exchange. He has given lectures on the History of Art in Hong Kong, Macau, the U.S. and Poland, has taught the History of Art in Hong Kong and Macau, and has authored numerous books, articles and exhibition reviews.


Our seminar-conference brings together an international panel of musicologists and art historians to present and explore Western Music Culture in the Philippines, China and Macao which has contributed to the reshaping of local and indigenous cultures. The question of the social functions of music, and its importance for the re-constructed identity, will be examined through observations of cultural communication and its significance for the region.