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22. 03. 24
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This book reveals the story of François Ravary, Jesuit missionary, musician, and organ builder. The mastermind behind the construction of the bamboo organs of nineteenth-century Shanghai, Ravary’s unpublished letters from China present a vivid picture of the excitement and crises surrounding the Roman Catholic mission in the often-violent integration of global space of this time. Focusing on an individual life, this study adds needed perspective to histories of the treaty-port era. By shifting the inquiry towards a nuanced, empirical, and refocused evaluation of the landscape, Ravary is revealed as a humanist in the Christian tradition, curious about Chinese society and culture, as well as the force behind China’s first brass band, first school orchestra, and other landmarks of Sino-European musical convergence. This book is a must-read for anyone interested in nineteenth-century China studies, cultural histories, and the diffusion of Western art practices.

Forward from Cambridge Scholars Publishing

Book Review of this book by Alexander Meszler

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22. 01. 23
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News on O Clarim about the MRI Forum on 24-Jan-2022: Ricci Institute To Explore The Path To Spiritual Transformation

The Society of Jesus is celebrating, until July 31st, the 500th anniversary of a personal transformation that changed the history of the Church. The example set by Saint Ignatius of Loyola will inspire, to a large extent, the activities that the Macau Ricci Institute intends to promote throughout the current year. The first activity – an online forum on “spiritual transformation” – takes place next Monday.

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21. 07. 13
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MICSRGC has held the 2020/2021 annual general meeting in Rui Cunha Foundation on July 10th, 2021. The meeting was divided into four parts: review of past activities, review of members’ publications, approval of financial statements, and discussion about future projects. Father Duraj of Macau Ricci Institute provided a speech in terms of the Macau Ricci Institute and the future collaboration plan with MICSRGC. Finally, MICSRGC also received several congratulatory messages from our honorary advisors. We are grateful for the continuous support of our members during the past year, and we will continue to devote efforts to promoting the sustainable development and social progress in Macao and the greater China.


Forward from Macau Institute for CSR in Greater China Facebook Page 



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21. 12. 27
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書內特別收錄由著名商業倫理科教授翟博思(Henri-Claude de Bettignies)、歐辛吉斯(Eleanor O'Higgins)及拉茨羅·索而奈(László Zsolnai)撰寫的文章,深化主題,為讀者帶來更多啟發。

《商業領袖的核心領導力》各大書店及明報網上書店有售: 買書連結

Forward from 明報出版社 Ming Pao Publications


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21. 04. 27
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News on O Clarim about the MRI: Macau Ricci Institute and Newman Cardinal Center Promote Contemplation and Leadership Course

The Ricci Institute of Macau and the Cardinal Newman Center for Culture and Performing Arts joined forces and launched the Contemplation and Leadership Course earlier this year. The training, given by the current director of the Jesuit think tank, Father Stephan Rothlin, runs once a month until the end of June; it is open to all and aims to open new paths for living the faith through meditation, self-discipline and compassion.

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