Macau, Macau


Through the workshop participants will be able:

  • To practice the fundamentals of business-related negotiation (preparation, strategising, team dynamics, interpersonal skills, bargaining, increasing the pie).
  • To learn from an open discussion on cross-cultural and ethical issues that relate to negotiation.


  • 18 February 2017


  • University of St Joseph


  • English



Prof Mike Thompson, Chairman of GoodBrand, London; Chairman of Good Leaders Online, Shanghai, Adjunct Professor at Gustavson School of Business, University of Victoria; Visiting Professor, CEIBS, Shanghai.


Participants will learn about key principles of negotiation that respect different cultural approaches especially between East Asian and Europe. They will be grouped into negotiating teams to develop their negotiating skills through a case and role playing of a JV agreement between a European company team and a Greater Chinese company team.

The workshop includes a China - West lunch where the participants will be invited to develop their etiquette for negotiation in informal settings. Chinese participants will be interviewed to explain key customs for the Chinese table. Instructors will explain a typical Western table layout and etiquette and the variations for different formality and geographies.

Organising Institutions

  • The Macau Ricci Institute
  • University of St Joseph